A New Game for Couples Called Marital Bliss Breaks the Mold

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Why doesn’t anyone focus on helping happily married couples?

With 58 million married couples in the United States, and with divorce rates often reported as high as 50 percent, there is an entire industry devoted towards relationship counseling and helping couples that are experiencing difficulties.

An unfortunate side effect of the intense focus of that industry, however, is that there are very few materials created specifically for happily married people. One enterprising young couple located in Zanesville, Ohio, thinks that it is time things changed.

"Why is it that the only time couples are expected to engage in relationship-building is when they are in trouble?" said Nicole Fink, founder of Fink & Fink. "There is a stigma that surrounds anything made specifically for couples, and that stigma needs to go away."

Nicole and her husband Nick have developed a new game for couples with one simple goal–to help happy couples have more fun in their day-to-day lives. Their game, Marital Bliss, is a card game featuring missions, strategy, and rewards.

Marital Bliss uses a technique called gamification to wrap game mechanics and techniques around the dull things in daily life, like taking out garbage and carrying groceries, and makes them more fun. Each round of the game takes place over several days, and the winner gets a reward card that can be redeemed at any time. One popular reward is the "King or Queen for a Day" card.

Early feedback from the first Marital Bliss players has been positive. "This game is great. We have already felt closer as a result," said Ray from Florida. "It's a lot of fun," said Lauren from Ohio. "We like trying to guess when the other is doing their mission."

One of the most unique things about Marital Bliss is that it is freely distributed as a print-and-play document on the website. Anyone who wants to play the game can download the file and print it on their home printer. With some scissors and a little bit of time, the game can be played completely for free.

"If someone thinks that our game might add fun to their relationship, then we think they should be able to play it regardless of whether or not they can afford or want to buy the professionally printed version," said Nick Fink.

The Finks have taken to the funding website Kickstarter.com to raise the money they need to produce the first run of the professionally printed version of Marital Bliss. In the first five days of their 30-day campaign they received more than half of their funding goal and they are on track for a holiday release of the game.

Marital Bliss is being offered to backers on Kickstarter.com for $20 each, or as a gift-giving two-pack for $29. More information about Marital Bliss can be found at http://www.maritalblissgame.com.

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