End Game Final Fantasy XIV Guide Released at OsirisMethod.com

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A new end-game guide for Fantasy Fantasy XIV has just been released at OsirisMethod.com. The full guide can be found at http://www.osirismethod.com/what-to-do-at-level-50-in-final-fantasy-xiv-an-endgame-guide/.

A new guide to Final Fantasy 14's (FFXIV) end-game has just been released on the blog of The Osiris Method. This guide covers all aspects of end-game and directs players on the right progression route given the large amount of end-game content already available in FFXIV.

MMORPGs take place in a persistent, on-going virtual world, and when the regular storyline of the game is finished, players find themselves participating in what is known as "end-game". End-game refers to what players can do in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) once they reach the level cap and the end of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is an unusual case since it is a re-release of an initially failed game. The new version of the game rehashes some of the old content plus adds some new content. Since the developers were able to reuse some of the old content, there is an unusually large amount of end-game available for play in FFXIV given the fact that it is a recently released game. The new end-game guide over at OsirisMethod.com details the proper way for players to progress through this content.

There is a lot of confusion about how to progress in FFXIV's end-game since it is not exactly clear which content to do first. Players get access to a variety of gear and dungeon sets but are given no recommendations on the best methods for tackling this content. As an example of this, most players think their first step is to work on their relic weapon, when in reality this is one of the last things you will do in end-game since the final boss required to unlock this weapon is very difficult.

Before working on a relic weapon, the new end-game guide published by The Osiris Method recommends players first work on easier dungeons like Castrum Meriadianum in order to build up their Darklight equipment set. Building up this equipment set makes the difficult boss fights like Titan much easier. With Titan down, players will then be able to unlock their Relic weapon with little difficulty. Additionally, the new guide recommends players try to clear Amdapor Keep as soon as they have the equipment to do so, as this dungeon currently provides the best equipment in FFXIV.

Players can find this new guide in full at http://www.osirismethod.com/what-to-do-at-level-50-in-final-fantasy-xiv-an-endgame-guide/. For more guides and strategies, visit the Osiris Method blog at http://www.osirismethod.com/blog/.

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