North American Roofing Celebrates 20 Years in Asheville, NC

With solid growth and sales on track to beat projections, North American Roofing, the 3rd largest commercial and industrial roofing company in the United States, has much to celebrate on its 20th anniversary in Asheville, NC and 34 years of award-winning service.

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

North American Roofing, the 3rd largest commercial and industrial roofing company in the United States, celebrated its 20th anniversary at its national headquarters in Asheville with a cake, a hotly contested chili cook-off and strong sales going into the last quarter of 2013.

The company became an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) company in October 2012 and employs between 100 and 120 full-time at the Asheville headquarters and 500 nationwide.

Along with judges Grant Hower, Approved Contractor Network Manager and Jennifer Stalnaker, Collection Coordinator, after sampling some dozen or so chili entries ranging from mild to "raging hot," President and CEO Brian Verble joked, "I'm going to need some water to speak."

Verble recalled relocating to Asheville from Indianapolis when his father moved the company in 1993. Pointing to the 20th anniversary cake, he noted, "North American Roofing has been in continuous operation for 34 years and here in Asheville, 20. That's a pretty good record in the roofing business."

"We have a lot to celebrate," Verble said. "North American Roofing has seen excellent revenue growth, on average 20% per year over the past few years, so we weathered the recession well. We're on track to break our sales projections for this year, which will exceed $100 million. And, with over 100 people employed full-time here in Asheville, we are one of the area's largest employers."

And there's good reason: throughout the years, North American Roofing has won numerous awards for customer service and quality, such as this year's Firestone Building Products Inner Circle of Quality Award and the prestigious Master Contractor Award, their third in a row in that category. Only the top 100 roofing contractors from the U.S, Canada and Mexico who completed the most inspected and warranted Red Shield systems earned this award. The biggest manufacturers in the industry, such as GAF, Carlisle and Seaman Corporation, have honored them.

North American Roofing continues to offer innovative programs to help their commercial roofing customers enjoy long lasting, cost-effective installation and preventative maintenance, such as their innovative fixed-cost "RoofGuardTM" program. And, they have established the North American Roofing’s Energy Services Group specializing in integrated solar roofing and energy systems by designing and installing high caliber solar arrays.

Locally, North American Roofing installed the new Sierra Nevada brewery roof, among other projects, and nationally their customer base includes some of the America's most well-known commercial operations such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe's and General Electric.

North American Roofing's 34-year operation can be traced in part by not only offering award-winning service and building professional relationships, but by building an organization made up of people who also feel part of a larger family.

Approximately 70 employees attended the celebration that had all the appearance and feel of a tailgate party of close friends and a family get together rather than a typical company event. And, just for the record, the winners of the chili cook-off were: Randy Talley, taking first place honors and the 2013 trophy, with runners up, Jarrod Geoffrey in 2nd and Stacey Sordahl in 3rd.