Reward Summit Launches Intuit Aggregation for All Current and Future Users

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Reward Summit, the popular new app which allows its users to effortlessly maximize their credit card rewards points, has just added Intuit integration into their software. Now, users can securely link their credit card usage directly to the app, creating an even more automated and efficient way for users to know precisely which card will give them the most rewards points every time they make a purchase.

Reward Summit Credit Card App

Reward Summit is changing the way that shoppers use their credit cards.

This is the best way possible to balance the security our users require with the efficiency they expect.

Everyone loves credit card rewards programs, but as anyone with more than one card knows, these programs are tough to keep track of. Reward Summit, a popular new app and software combo, fixes this problem with ease: users simply queue up the app when making a purchase, and Reward Summit lets them know exactly which card will give them the most rewards possible. In an effort to make their app even more useful, Reward Summit's founders have just added Intuit aggregation into their app, allowing users to securely link their card usage to the app's recommendation engine, resulting in more accurate, more useful recommendations.

John Espey, founder of Reward Summit, had this to say about the new update: "Everybody is familiar with popular Intuit products (such as and Quicken) that leverage fantastic technology that pulls in transactions from external financial institutions in a secure and private manner. We have built on top of this technology in partnership with Intuit, and we are very pleased to announce that we have turned this on for our users both in our website and on the iOS app."

There are multiple benefits of Reward Summit's Intuit integration. Users now have the ability to link in the most popular credit cards in North America via the popular Intuit Partner Program API. It's fast, secure, and easy to set up.

"We're in a funny space," says Christ Hart, co-founder of Reward Summit. "We need to balance privacy with efficiency. Everyone wants the best information possible, but people are very wary of giving out their credit card information, which is completely understandable. By partnering with Intuit, we've given our users a way to achieve both efficiency and privacy. Now, users can get custom-tailored recommendations for all their purchases without having to give out their information to an unknown entity. They simply link their cards with Intuit, a company with the best information security in the industry, and allow our app to do the rest. We're very excited about the possibilities."

Once users link their cards via Intuit, Reward Summit is instantly able to make the best possible recommendations. The app will automatically know if users have maxed out their 5% category on their Discover card for the quarter, or their 3% back on gas for their Bank of America card. Additionally, the app will be able to send users detailed reports that analyze how well they use their cards and tag exact dollar values to other cards they may be considering. For instance, a user may have earned $750 this year with his current mix, but by adding a Cap One QuickSilver card, he could earn an additional $272.

Before users can hook up to Reward Summit's new Intuit integration, they first must have an account. They can do so by searching "Reward Summit" within the Apple App Store, or by visiting the following URL from their Safari browser:

Once users have created an account, they just follow these simple steps to get started with Reward Summit's new integration.

From iOS, a user can click on the report tab across the bottom of the app (second icon from the left). Then click the gear icon in the top right corner. From there, click on the accounts button and a user will see each card she's added to her wallet. There will be a a button underneath each card that says "link account." Users will then be prompted for their online banking login credentials. The app itself does not store this information - it is passed through to Intuit, and never remains with the app.

From a user's web browser, he can log in to his account and navigate to the following URL:

From there, he can click on each card he wishes to integrate and click on the "link securely with Intuit" link that appears. Then, he simply has to follow the instructions to enter his online account login credentials for each card.

This integration is a result of an intense user feedback campaign run by the founders of Reward Summit. "This was something that almost all our users were clamoring for," says Espey of the new update. "We're just happy we were able to get it done so quickly, and Intuit has been incredibly helpful in creating such a secure, functional plugin to our service."

Reward Summit is based in North Carolina, where the founders are working full-time to revolutionize the way that shoppers use their credit cards.

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