Rahua Beauty’s, Fabian Lliguin, Introduces "Symbiotic-Grown Ingredients" and Releases Guidelines for Symbiotic Certification Codes for Cosmetics

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Symbiotic-Grown Ingredients: One Step Beyond Organic, Better for Our Bodies and Planet

The term "Symbiotic-Grown Ingredients" has been defined by and regulation for certification of "Symbiotic Certification" has been established by native Ecuadorian, Fabian Lliguin, a New York City hair colorist, environmentalist, and founder of Amazon Beauty, Inc., an organic and natural cosmetic company that uses ingredients harvested and processed in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, (symbiotic ingredients). Lliguin has been using Symbiotic-Grown Ingredients in Rahua’s hair care products and encourages other cosmetic companies to follow suit because of the health and environmental benefits of Symbiotic-Grown-Ingredients. What follows is a description of what a Symbiotic- Grown Ingredient is and how a product can be certified as “Symbiotic.”

What does symbiosis mean?

The term symbiosis (from Ancient Greek "together" and "living") commonly describes close and often long-term interactions between different biological species.

Symbiotic Grown, Forest Flora

A symbiotic-grown forest flora, refers to any tree, plant, fruit, nut, and to all type of native flora that has germinated and grown entirely in a virgin forest or virgin rainforest of the world (i.e. deep in the Amazon rainforest), these plant’s growth, development and evolution are strictly related with the symbiotic relationships within the virgin forest. As a result these plants grow in the utmost natural conditions, only influenced by rain cycles, wild bees, pollination, bats and birds droppings, fertilization by insect corpses, humidity levels and many more infinite elements, that occur only in the virgin forests. Symbiotic grown plants live and thrive in the depths of forest and without any type of modern agriculture practices, such as mono-cultivation, genetic alteration, etc. These symbiotic plants are never exposed to petrochemical enhancers such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, man-made irrigation, man-made dams, etc. These symbiotic-grown forest flora contain potent cosmetic and medicinal benefits that can’t be found (or recreated) anywhere on the planet except in the virgin forest.

Symbiotic Ingredients

Symbiotic ingredients are ingredients extracted from the symbiotic-grown forest flora. To be classified as a symbiotic ingredient an ingredient must be harvested and processed by indigenous peoples indigenous to the virgin forest. It can only be obtained by using their extensive ancestral and traditional knowledge of nature, it’s cycles and what it produces. The well proven practices and management of these naturally occurring conditions enables the indigenous peoples of the forest to harvest and process symbiotic-grown ingredients.

In order for an ingredient to be classified as “symbiotic”, three factors must be present:
1.    The plant which the ingredient is obtained from must have grown naturally in a virgin forest.
2.    The ingredient has to be harvested and processed by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment.
3.    The ingredient must be obtained by using forest peoples indigenous knowledge and ancient forest management practices.

How is a Cosmetic Certified a "Symbiotic Product"?

Symbiotic Cosmetics are cosmetics produced using symbiotic-grown ingredients. For a cosmetic product to be classified as a “Symbiotic product” it must follow the below observations strictly.
1.    It must contain zero (0) petrochemical ingredients.
2.    It must be made with100 % natural ingredients, no exceptions.
3.    It must contain a minimum of 50% organic ingredients
4.    It must contain one or more symbiotic ingredient in it’s final formula.

What are the health benefits of using a Symbiotic Product?

When opting for Symbiotic the consumer can be certain that no pollutants have ever been introduced to the habitat the ingredient has grown in. Symbiotic ingredients are not and will never be genetically modified since the rivers and the forest where Symbiotic ingredients are obtained from need to remain untouched in order to be classified as Symbiotic.

Why would a consumer prefer a Symbiotic Product?

Symbiotic ingredients are grown deep in the forest without any chemicals or farming methods, Since the “Symbiotic” certification relies on a perfectly intact, virgin habitat, the ingredients in Symbiotic products are obtained without polluting the environment. By virtue of this, people who use Symbiotic certified products become strong supporters for preserving these virgin jungles with their trees alive and standing. When a consumer chooses a Symbiotic product he or she can be 100% certain it contains zero residues from petro-chemicals, zero genetic manipulation and is one step beyond organic.

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