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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing cosmetics that also function as skin care products.

Healthy skin care regimens can help women improve the appearance of imperfections on the complexion, but all topical products take time to produce results. Because of this, many women use cosmetics to correct their complexions and disguise imperfections on a daily basis while waiting for the effects of skin care products to become noticeable. Now, many top brands are offering products that are combination makeup-skin care treatments to simplify women's beauty routines. The latest article by, Double Duty Makeup, discusses some of the best cosmetics products that contain ingredients often used in skin care formulas.

The lips are highly susceptible to developing skin care problems, as the tissue in the area is very thin and sensitive. Often, women notice wrinkles on the lip area before spotting signs of aging on other parts of the complexion. Which of the many products on the market is the best multi-tasking formula for lips that are marked by lines and wrinkles? What unique ingredients does it use to address skin imperfections? How does the product visibly improve the look of the lips upon application? To find out, visit or click

Like the lips, the skin in the under eye area is thin and delicate, making it prone to skin care problems. In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eye circles frequently plague the under eye area. Concealers are generally the makeup products used to diminish both discoloration and signs of aging in the eye area. Is there a particular concealer that is best for women with imperfections around the eyes? If so, what makes it truly the best? How does the product help the skin, and what else can it do for the complexion? To find out, visit or click

Foundation is one of the most commonly used skin care products because it allows women to address uneven skin tone and provide coverage for skin imperfections, particularly signs of aging. Are there multi-tasking foundation formulas available? If so, which one is the best for those who are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles? What makes the formula so effective? To find out, visit or click

Even though the harmful effects of the tanning bed and sunbathing are widely known, many women still want to have a tanned complexion. Bronzers and sunless tanners allow women to get that sun-kissed look without exposure to UV radiation. How do bronzing formulas darken the skin? Are there any bronzers or self-tanners that offer skin care benefits? Which one might be best, and why? To find out, visit or click

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