Insider Business Mastermind Series Creates a New Economy

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Shawn Shewchuk Teaches Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Thrive in Any Business Environment

Shawn Shewchuk - The #1 Results Coach in the Country

Most people stop before they start.

Stickability is the one trait that differentiates a business that is profitable, successful, thriving and outlives its founder from the business that fails leading to financial ruin. The successful business owner and entrepreneur do more than just survive; they thrive and do so in any business environment.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are under constant threat of failure from competition, regulatory and economy. The line of stickability separating those who make it and those who do not is very thin. The only true insurance a business has is to create its own economy.

The core of the Insider Business Mastermind Series is to teach business owners and entrepreneurs how to increase their stickability by creating their own economy. Most businesses fail as a result of falling into one or more traps:

1.    Believe that their product is more important than their branding.
2.    Implementing manual marketing strategies.
3.    Conducting business by default.
4.    Positioned as the ‘expert’ and not the ‘authority’.

The Insider Business Mastermind Series guides business owners and entrepreneurs through a process of self-discovery where they identify the traps they are currently experiencing and strategies or tools to remove those traps. Participants get the full experience of a conventional Mastermind. Guided by a knowledgeable and experienced authority, members of the Insider Business Mastermind also work with other highly accomplished business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss business issues and opportunities in a group while benefiting from their collective knowledge. Business owners and entrepreneurs learned how to increase their stickability through the Insider Business Mastermind Series launched earlier this month.

“Business owners and entrepreneurs are often working in isolation where the strategic direction of their business is concerned,” says Shawn Shewchuk, #1 results coach in the country and author of the best seller Change Your Mind; Change Your Results. “Business by default is no longer a successful business building model if you want to create your own economy. The Insider Business Mastermind Series provides business owners and entrepreneurs a forum to discuss ideas and strategies among peers with the knowledge and experience to help them.”

The Insider Business Mastermind Series accepts up to eight new applicants per group who meet the entrance criteria for the monthly sessions. The mastermind series is currently hosting sessions in Calgary, AB. and is expanding across Canada.

About Shawn Shewchuk

Shawn Shewchuk is the #1 Results Coach in the Country, sought after speaker and bestselling author of the book Change Your Mind, Change Your Results. For over 20 years, Shawn has worked with companies and individuals providing opportunities for accelerate and improve results. Change Your Mind, Change Your Results. To learn more, visit

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