Global Loudspeakers Industry – New Research Available

Share Article just published a new market research report: Global Loudspeakers Industry.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Loudspeakers in US$ Thousand and Thousand Units by the following Product Segments: Pair Speakers, Satellite/Subwoofer Speakers, Subwoofer Speakers, Soundbars, In-wall Speakers, Outdoor Speakers, and Others.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America.

Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 432 companies including many key and niche players such as Altec Lansing, LLC, Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd., B&W Group Ltd., Bose Corporation, Boston Acoustics, Inc., Creative Technology Ltd., Cambridge Sound Works, DEI Holdings Inc., Definitive Technology, Polk Audio, First Audio Manufacturing (H.K.) Ltd., Focal JM-Lab, Focus Audio, Inc., German Physiks, Gibson Guitar Corp., Harbeth Audio Ltd., Harman International Industries, Inc., Jean-Marie Reynaud, Mårten, Maxxsonics USA, Inc., Nortek Inc., Niles Audio Corporation, SpeakerCraft, Inc., Opera Loudspeakers, Pioneer Corporation, QLN AB, Quadral GmbH & Co. KG, Sammi Sound Tech Co Ltd., Scandyna A/S, Sonance, Inc., Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., VOXX International Corporation, Klipsch Group, Inc., and Yamaha Corporation.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.
Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
Pair Speakers I-4
Satellite/Subwoofer Speakers I-4
Subwoofer Speakers I-4
Soundbars I-4
In-Wall Speakers I-5
Outdoor Speakers I-5
Other Speaker Categories I-5


A Quick Market Primer II-1
Market Sensitive to Macroeconomic Factors II-1
Outlook II-3
Outsourcing Loudspeaker Production Continues to be Rife II-3
Noteworthy Trends, Growth Drivers & Issues II-3
Pair Speakers Market Faces Tsunami of Sorts II-3
Satellite/Subwoofer Speakers Market on a Steady Growth Path II-4
Growing Demand for ‘At-Home Entertainment’ to Boost Demand
for Satellite/Subwoofer Systems II-4
High-End Home Theaters - A Big Revenue Opportunity Awaits
the Market II-4
Assembled Pieces Cannibalizing Single Brand Varieties II-5
Subwoofers Market Scripting Success II-5
In-Wall Speakers to Gain Consumer Attention II-5
Key Issues to Deal With II-6
Luxury Homes - A Great Opportunity for Outdoor Speakers II-7
Outdoor Speakers Swimming Against the Tide II-7
Multimedia Speakers Maintains Steady Growth II-7
Opportunities II-7
PC Speakers - Old Wine in New Bottle II-8
Soaring in Popularity, Soundbars Threaten to Dislodge
Traditional Loudspeakers II-9
Growing Consumer Adoption of Thin, Flat Panel TV Models
Fuels Growth in Soundbars Market II-9

Table 1: US HDTV Market: Breakdown of Shipments (in Million
Units) and Household Penetration Rates (in %) for Years
2005, 2011 & 2020 P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10
Need for Minimalistic Home Theater Experience Driving Demand
for Soundbars II-11
Soundbars Scores Over HTiBs II-11
Portability - A Driving Factor for Docks & Headphones II-11
Docking Speakers on a Survival Mode II-12
Dual-Mode Docking Speakers to Keep Competition from
Wireless-Only Speakers at Bay II-12
Premium iPod/iPhone Docks Redefine Music II-12
Growth in Mobile Computing Devices Drives Business Case for
Speakers II-13

Table 2: World Market for Mobile Computing Devices (2012):
Breakdown of Dollar Sales in US$ Million by Product Segment
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14
Continued Growth in Adoption of Advanced Mobile Phones to
Drive Demand for Speakers II-14
Opportunity Indicators II-15

Table 3: World Market for Mobile Handsets by Technology -
Percentage Breakdown of Annual Sales Volume for 2G, 2.5G,
3G, 3.5G, and 3.9G Enabled Handsets for Years 2008, 2011 &
2014 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Table 4: Global Market for Smart phones (2015 E): Breakdown
of Annual Sales Figures in Thousand Units by Geographic
Markets - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin
America, and Rest of World Markets - Independently Analyzed
with for Years 2011 and 2015 (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-16
Consumer Mobile Usage Habits Augur Well for Market II-16

Table 5: Global Mobile Internet Market (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues for MMS/SMS, Entertainment,
Advertisement/ Search, Enterprise Services and Other Data
Access (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-17

Table 6: Untapped Potential in Store for Mobile Cloud Music
Services - Presented as Percentage Share of Mobile Users
Accessing Music Applications Over Mobile Phones by Time
Spent (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18

Table 7: Average Listener Hours for Mobile Music for the
years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 for Web and Mobile (in
Billions of Hours) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18
Growing Demand for Smart Home Automation Systems - A Boon for
Loudspeakers II-19
Technology/Product Developments - The Ongoing Saga II-19
Contemporary Lifestyles & Home Decors Mould Home Loudspeaker
Designs II-19
Flat-Panel Speaker Technology Gain in Prominence II-19
Wireless Speakers - In Focus II-20
Trendy Bluetooth Speakers Gain Momentum II-21
Enter Wireless Outdoor speakers II-21
Manufacturers Focus on Miniature Speakers II-21
Ultra-Compact Amplifiers Witness Rising Demand -A Case in Point II-22
New Product Introductions Boost Market Prospects for Soundbars II-22
Product Innovations & Technology Developments Augurs Well for
the Outdoor Speakers Market II-22
Omnidirectional Speakers Grow in Prominence II-23
HVT Technology Gains Attention II-23
Key Benefits of HVT Speakers II-24
Three Dimensional Sound Field Distribution II-24
Healthy- Bass Reproduction II-24
Environment Friendly Performance & Designs II-24
Growing Demand for Power Loudspeakers II-24
Surface Surround Technology Makes Speaker Facets Two-Dimensional II-25
Rocket Science Aids in Development of Next Gen Loudspeakers II-25
Innovative Printed Speakers on the Anvil II-25
Competition II-26
Retailing Dynamics Change Across Market Segments II-26
Key Market Share Findings II-26

Table 8: Global Market for Speakers for Smartphones (2012):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Leading Players
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-26

Loudspeakers: A Technical Preview II-27
Loudspeakers: A Peek Into its Technology Lifecycle II-27
The Technology Learning Curve Has a Slippery Slope II-27
Planar Ribbon Drivers: No Longer Pricey II-28
A Peek Into its Technical Sophistication II-28
Focused Speaker Systems: Technology Overview II-28
Computer Loudspeaker Designs II-29
Conventional Loudspeaker Designs II-30
Electrostatic Loudspeaker Designs II-30
Electrostrictive Polymer Film Loudspeaker II-31
Planar Magnetic Loudspeaker II-31
Major Design Considerations for Computer Loudspeakers II-31
Acoustics II-31
Analytical Testing of Loudspeakers II-31
Objective Testing II-31
Subjective Testing II-32
Surface Surround Technology II-32
Hypersonic Sound System (HSS) II-32
Flat Panel Technology II-32
Stereo Technology II-33
MaxxBass® Technology II-33
TAV™ Technology II-33
Surface-Mount Loudspeakers II-33
Key Manufacturers of Surface-Mount Loudspeakers in North
America II-33

Loudspeaker: A Technical Exposition II-38
Passive Speakers II-38
Active Speakers II-38
Tweeters II-38
Midrange II-38
Woofer II-39
Types of Speaker Configuration II-39
2-Way Speaker Configuration II-39
3-Way Speaker Configuration II-39
4-Way Speaker Configuration II-39
Characteristics of an Ideal Speaker II-39
Types of Loudspeakers: A Classification II-40
Pair Speakers II-40
Bookshelf Speakers II-40
Floor-Standing Speakers II-40
Satellite/Subwoofer Speakers: A Descriptive Exposition II-40
Subwoofer II-41
Soundbars II-41
In-Wall Speakers II-41
Outdoor Speakers II-41
Pointers for Installation of Outdoor Speakers: II-42
Technological Challenges II-42
Other Speaker Categories II-43
Multimedia Speakers II-43
Smartphone/MP3 Docking Speakers II-43
PC Speakers II-43

HARMAN Launches New Improved JBL Project Everest DD67000
Loudspeaker II-44
Philips Introduces New Wireless Multi-Room Audio System II-45
Bang & Olufsen Introduces New BeoLab In-Wall Speakers System II-45
Polk Launches New Home Theater Loudspeakers, TSx Series II-46
Current Audio Introduces SB65 and SB80 Models II-46
VIZIO Releases Premium Home Theater Audio Solutions II-46

Intex Introduces New Bluetooth-Enabled Soundbar II-47
Behringer Unveils iQ Series Networked Loudspeakers II-47
Turbosound Introduces Milan Series II-48
Focal Unveils Chorus 700 Series Loudspeakers II-48
Sony Unveils Advanced ES Speaker Lineup II-48
Pure Unveils Jongo Series Wireless Speakers II-48
Harman Unveils Revel 2-Series II-49
Harman’s JBL Unveils S3900 Loudspeaker II-50
GoldenEar to Unveil Loudspeakers II-51
Behringer Unveils Omni Wireless Speaker System II-52
Philips Introduces HTL5120 Soundbar II-52
Electro-Voice Rolls Out ZLX Portable Loudspeakers II-52
Sony Launches Wireless HT-CT260 Surround Sound Bar II-53
HARMAN’s Unveils V5 Presets for VTX Series and VERTEC® Line
Array Loudspeakers II-53
Sony Introduces CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B Bluetooth Speakers II-54
Acoustic Energy Rolls Out New Reference Three Flagship
Loudspeaker II-54
Bryston Unveils New Loudspeaker Product Line II-55
Sceptre Launches New Speaker Sound Bar with In-Built Subwoofer II-55
Sharp Introduces 2.1 Channel Sound Bar II-56
Sonos Rolls Out Playbar Soundbar Speaker II-56
iBall Unveils MJ-D9, the 2.1 Multimedia Speakers II-56
Techcom Launches the Tower Speaker SSD-12001 R II-57
SISPL Introduces the Slimmest Speakers II-57
Genius Unveils SW-2.1 330, a New 2.1ch Compact Subwoofer
Speaker System II-57
TruAudio Launches the BRD-22 Outdoor Birdhouse Speaker II-58
KEF Unveils the New KEF E305 Surround-Sound Speaker System II-58
Behringer Launches Eurolive B207MP3 II-58
BEHRINGER Launches B112W and B115W II-59
SVSound Unveils SVS PB1000 and SVS SB1000 II-59
KEF Unveils the New KEF E Series II-60
Native Union Introduces the Native Union Switch II-60
Alto Professional Launches the Black Series II-61
Harman International Launches Revel Performa3 Series II-61
Line 6 Introduces New StageSource[TM] L2t and L2m Loudspeakers II-61
KTS Karaoke Launches IDOLpro P14 II-62
Monitor Audio Launches WS100 Speaker System II-62
Techcom Technologies Launches SSD-410 USB Speakers II-63
EVE Audio Unveils Subwoofers and Speakers Range II-63
KEF Introduces Ci160TR Speaker II-63
Meridian Audio Unveils In-Wall Loudspeakers II-63
Bowers & Wilkins Unveils AM-1 Loudspeaker II-64
Peavey Electronics Launches Subwoofer and Enclosure II-64
Cabasse Launches Stream 3 Wireless 2.1 System II-65
Sony Unveils ES Product Line II-65
Scosche Launches boomBOTTLE Outdoor Speaker II-66
Rockford Fosgate to Extend P1 Subwoofer Range II-66
TOA Unveils Digital Speaker Processor II-66
Klipsch Unveils HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar II-66
Auralex® Acoustics Introduces Subwoofer Isolator II-67
Lightning Audio to Unveil Subwoofer Series II-68
Wisdom Audio Launches the Insight Range of In-Wall, High-
Performance Loudspeakers II-68
Harman International Introduces Sophisticated Soundbars II-69
Toshiba Introduces Two 3D Sound Bars II-70
Toshiba Launches the SBX4250 Sound Bar Speaker System II-71
Definitive Technology Plans to Launch SoloCinema XTR Soundbar II-71
Orbitsound Launches the OrbitSound T9 II-72
Intex Introduces Intex Soundbar Marvel 250 II-73
Episode Speakers Launches 300 Series On-Wall LCRs and
Soundbars Models II-74
Tokai Introduces Smart Rubber Loudspeakers II-74
Community Professional Loudspeakers Launches DA6 II-74
B&O Play Releases BeoPlay A9 II-74
Community Professional Launches VERIS 2 Loudspeaker Line II-75
VUE Unveils New Range Loudspeakers II-75
Amina Launches New Invisible Loudspeakers II-75
Danley Unveils SM-80 Loudspeaker II-75
QSC Unveils New SR Line of Loudspeakers II-75
Fluance® Unveils Tower Speaker Docks for iPods and iPhones II-76
JBL Introduces New CBT Series Loudspeaker II-76
Funktion-One Unveils New F1201 Compact Loudspeaker II-76
Fluance Unveils New Loudspeaker Series II-76
Fulcrum Unveils New Compact Line of Loudspeakers II-77
JBL Launches New Passive Loudspeakers II-77
Technical Audio Expands its Premium Audio Collection II-77
D.A.S. Unveils New Series of Loudspeakers II-78
Gemini Introduces GVX10P-WH and GVX12P-WH Loudspeakers II-79
Logitech Launches Z906 Speakers II-79
Sennheiser Introduces KR400S II-79
Wisdom Audio Launches LS4, LS3 Loudspeaker Systems II-79
Harman International Introduces Harman Kardon SB 16 Home
Theater Speaker System II-80
Sony Introduces SS-AR1 Audiophile Speaker II-80
Community Professional Loudspeakers Introduces Distributed
Design Range of Loudspeakers II-80
Fulcrum Launches Six New Audio Products II-81
Philips Introduces New Audio/Video Products II-81
Sonos Launches SONOS PLAY:3 II-81
WorxAudio Launches I/O-4 Loudspeaker System II-82
D.A.S. Audio Introduces Convert 15A Loudspeaker System II-82
Audyssey Launches Lower East Side Media Speakers II-82
QSC Launches KLA Series Active Array System II-83
WorxAudio Introduces TrueLine V5M Loudspeaker II-83
Altec Lansing Launches Orbit USB Stereo II-83
Harman Launches OnBeat Docking Station II-83
Opalum Rolls Out a New Range of Compact Loudspeakers with
Wireless Streaming II-84
Harman Unveils MS 150 iPod Docking Speaker System II-84
Community Launches a New Loudspeaker Processor II-84
JBL Rolls out a New Range of All Weather Loudspeaker Systems II-84
K-array Debuts a New Blueline Loudspeaker Range II-85
Belkin to Introduce New Range of Headphones and Speakers II-85
Hercules Launches XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor II-85
Bose Launches Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Speaker ‘SoundLink’ II-86
NHT Introduces Absolute Series’ First On-wall Speaker II-87
Niles Launches CM Architectural Loudspeakers II-87
GoldenEar Rolls out New Aon and Invisa Series, and Adds
ForceField 5 to Sub-Woofer Range II-88
AuraSound Introduces High Performance TV Soundbars II-88
Klipsch Launches New Gallery Speakers II-89
Episode Speakers Launches New Speaker Systems Under 900 Series II-89
JVC Inks Partnership Agreement with SRS Labs II-89
Paradigm Launches Millenia LP II-90
FineLine Speakers Launches Ultra-Thin Speakers II-90
MartinLogan Introduces On-wall and In-wall Speakers II-91
Samson Technologies Introduces New Range of Auro Speakers II-91
Klipsch Group Launches New Wireless Subwoofer Kit II-91
Altec Lansing Introduces BXR1320 Speaker System II-92
Corsair Announces Introduction of SP2200 Speaker System II-92
Revel to Roll Out New Architectural Range of Speakers II-92
Beetel Teletech Introduces New Multimedia Speakers II-92
Hip Street Introduces Multimedia Speaker System II-93
Pioneer Unveils New Sound Wing Loudspeakers II-93
Techcom Introduces Multimedia Speaker System II-93
Electro-Voice Announces Introduction of New Live X Series of
Loudspeakers II-93
Jamo® Introduces A 200 Series Loudspeaker II-94
Edifier Launches Multimedia Speaker System II-94
American Audio Introduces New Amplifier Series and Active
Loudspeaker II-94
Edifier International Limited Rolls Out Aurora MP300 Plus PC
Multimedia Speaker System II-95
Kenwood USA Corporation Unveils XR-W12F Subwoofer and KFC-
X183C Replacement Speaker Unit II-95
Cyberstar Infocom Introduces Creative D200 Bluetooth Speaker
System II-95
Proel to Introduce SW Series Subwoofers II-95
QSC Audio Launches Two New KLA Series Loudspeakers II-96
Polk Audio Unveils CHT500 SurroundBar System II-96
MartinLogan Launches ElectroMotion C2 Center Channel and
ElectroMotion FX2 Surround Speaker II-97
JVC Rolls Out New DRVN Series of Speakers, Amplifiers and
Subwoofers II-97
Altec Lansing Introduces BXR1320™ Stereo Speaker System II-97
Sonance Launches Landscape Series of Outdoor Speakers II-98
ADAM Audio Unveils ARTist Series Speakers II-98
Leon Speakers Introduces Advanced Version of Horizon Ultra-
Thin Line II-98
K.M.E. Introduces 2 x 8in Subwoofers II-98
Techcom Launches SSD-3300 FM Multimedia Speaker System II-99
Antec Launches SoundScience Rockus 2.1 Speaker System II-99
Orb Audio Introduces New Hand-made Speakers II-99
REL Acoustics Unveils New Series R Subwoofers II-100
Spendor Audio Systems Launches New Hi-Fi Speakers II-100
KEF Introduces T305 Speaker Series II-100
Pro Audio Technology Unveils New Range of Speakers II-101
Pioneer India Electronics Launches 2011 Series Audio Systems
for Cars II-101
Sony Launches SS-AR1 Speaker System II-101
XMI Pte Introduces X-mini MAX Series II-102
DALI Introduces ZENSOR 1 Speaker II-102
Klipsch Unveils Icon Series Loudspeakers II-102
DALI Unveils LEKTOR 2 in White High Gloss Color II-102
Altec Lansing Introduces Compact Orbit USB StereoÔ (iML247)
Speaker II-102
Bang & Olufsen Launches BeoVox 2 Passive In-Wall Speaker II-103
Altec Lansing Introduces Altec Lansing BXR 1321 Stereo Speaker
Set II-103
Logitech Introduces Logitech® Surround Sound Speakers Z906 II-103
Canton Unveils 800 Series ProHouse Speaker Range II-104
Monitor Audio Rolls Out Platinum PL-InWall Speakers II-104
Paradigm Launches Millenia LP On-Wall LCR Speaker II-104
Totem Acoustic Introduces Element Loudspeakers II-104
Aluratek Launches Bump Range of Wireless Speakers II-105
MartinLogan Launches Two New ElectroMotion™ Series Speakers II-105
Veho to Introduce Mini X Series Wireless Speaker Line II-106
Top Notch Infotronix Rolls Out Soul ZEB-S350 Speaker II-106
Mission Rolls Out MX Speakers Series II-106
Altec Lansing Introduces Octane 7 (VS4621) 2.1 Speaker System II-106
Grace Digital Launches Three New Weatherproof Indoor and
Outdoor Wireless Speakers II-107
Jamo® Launches Compact A 200 Series Loudspeaker II-107
Klipsch Introduces Klipsch® AudioRock II-107
Pioneer Launches S-DJ05 and S-DJ08 II-108
MartinLogan Launches ElectroMotion™ Range II-108
Kobian Rolls Out Mercury iXA 520U II-109
PSB Speakers Launches CS1000 Universal/ Outdoor Speaker II-109
Paradigm Electronics Unveils MilleniaSub and MilleniaOne
satellite II-110
Boston Acoustics® Launches RS 326 Floorstanding Loudspeaker II-110
Weston Introduces Rockstar Multimedia Speakers II-110
NiamNet to Expand NNLS Range II-111
JBL Professional Launches PRX600 Series II-111
Lautsprecher Teufel Introduces System 5 speaker II-111
JBL Professional Unveils Control® Contractor 60 Series Pendant
Loudspeakers II-112
Artcoustic Introduces Modular Speaker Range and Upgrades
Subwoofer Range II-112
Hercules Launches New Slim and USB-Powered Speakers II-112
Creative Technologies Launches ZiiSound™ D5 II-113
Axiom Audio Introduces New Range of On-Wall Speakers II-113
BG Radia Introduces SS-202 and SS-303 Planar Ribbon Surround
Speakers II-113
Definitive Technology Launches Mythos XTR-50 II-114
Penaudio Introduces SARA Speaker for Classic Series II-114
Leon Speakers Rolls Out Aaros 10-Inch Ultra-Thin Subwoofer II-114
Logitech Introduces THX® Certified Logitech® Speaker System II-115
Klipsch® Launches Synergy Series Speakers II-115
Phase Technology Launches Teatro Wireless Surround Speakers II-115
Klipsch® Launches Reference II Series speakers II-115
Phase Technology Launches Range of CI Speakers II-116
KWorld Computer Launches Series of Satellite Speakers II-116
Logitech International Launches Z313 Speaker System II-117
Russound Launches Acclaim 5 Series OutBack Outdoor Speakers II-117
Inspan Infotech Introduces Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speaker System II-118
Cyberstar Infocom Introduces Creative SBS235 2.1 Speaker II-118
Logitech Electronic Introduces Portable Z205 Laptop Speaker II-118
Tannoy Introduces HTS Range of Home Cinema Speakers II-118
Crystal Acoustics Launches BPS-10 Sound System II-118
Creative Unveils Creative ZiiSound™ T6 Premium Speakers II-119
OSD Audio Introduces OSD-RS850TT Single Rock Speaker II-119
Klipsch® Launches Cross-Brand Compatible Subwoofer Range II-119
PSB Speakers Unveils SubSeries 300 Powered Subwoofer II-120
Kobian Introduces iXA 480U Sub Woofer System II-120
KEF Launches KHT1505 Sub/Sat Speaker System II-120
Infotronix Introduces Hero+ and Hero Multimedia Speakers II-120
Avid Technology Launches M-Audio® GSR Speaker Line II-121
Energy® Rolls Out New Veritas Home Audio Speakers II-121
Cambridge Audio Launches Minx Speaker System II-121
Edifier International Introduces M3300SF Speaker System II-122
JBL Professional Unveils New Loudspeaker Models II-122
Meyer Sound Introduces MINA Compact Line-Array Loudspeaker II-123
Ipevo Unveils Tubular Wireless Speakers II-123
Logitech Unveils Logitech® Speaker Lapdesk N700 II-124
DTS Unveils Edifier M20 Two-Channel Multimedia Speaker System
with DTS Envelo™ technology II-124

Inspired Audio Joins Forces with LMC Audio II-125
Yamaha Commercial Signs Distribution Contract with Equipson II-125
Private Equity Company Takes Over Thiel Audio II-125
Music Group Takes Over Turbosound II-126
Harman Enters Into Licensing and Brand Partnership with Abarth II-126
Triangle Appoints FX Entertainment as Exclusive distributor in
India II-126
CommanFusion Appoints B&W Loudspeakers (NZ) as Exclusive
Distributor II-127
Russound Disposes Off vNet II-127
Gibson Introduces Pro Audio Division Through Acquisition of
Stanton Group II-127
Infinity Lifestyle Takes Over Altec Lansing Brand II-127
Daimler Benz and BYD JV Selects Harman II-128
DTS and Edifier Enter into Partnership II-128
Pinnacle Speakers Inks National Distribution Deal with SED
International II-128
Charlesbank Acquires DEO Holdings II-129
Audiovox Undergoes Name Change II-129
Audiovox Takes Over Klipsch

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