New Unique Application of Sodium Hyaluronate Fillers With 'Aesthetic Facial Balancing' Now Demonstrates Permanent Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Improvement

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Over one year ago, a Miami plastic surgeon conducted an experiment on himself in order to create a mini-documentary to educate the public on fillers, aesthetics and state of the art plastic surgery. Today, The Maercks Institute announced that as a result of this experiment, permanent results are being obtained with a unique application Hyaluronic acid fillers that are generally thought of as short-lived solutions.

Patients should walk away from an aesthetic intervention with an aesthetic improvement, not just less lines in their face,

The Maercks Institute is the brain child of internationally renowned Dr. Rian A. Maercks, an exceptionally trained and skilled plastic surgeon with a knack for seeing beyond the status quo. One of his many contributions to the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics his concept of “Aesthetic Facial Balancing(AFB).” This concept made Dr. Maercks extremely resistant to applying techniques, devices and materials in industry or FDA indicated manners. “The FDA says you can fill a wrinkle in the skin by applying a ‘dermal’ filler. Well with few exceptions, no filler should ever be placed in the dermis and a tube of fill should never be placed under a wrinkle ( ).”

The concept of AFB is based on Dr. Maercks’ belief that “Patients should walk away from an aesthetic intervention with an aesthetic improvement, not just less lines in their face,” he adds. “And as you know, I do not believe wrinkles themselves to actually be aesthetic problems.” Dr. Maercks coined the term AFB to reflect the idea that fillers should be used to create or restore a harmony in the way the features of the face work together to create the impression of beauty or youth in the perceiver's consciousness. To achieve this kind of result, skill insight, judgement and more volume is required than filling a wrinkle or ‘augmenting’ a lip.

Maercks explains, “Early in my practice I had some difficulty explaining why I needed to inject at least six milliliters of fill into my average first time patient when they were prepared for maybe one or two.” One particularly difficult consultation with a new patient who asked ‘well if I need six to twelve milliliters, what do you do to your face.’ Maercks replied “I don’t do anything to my face but if I did I would need at least six to eight.” Realizing the difficulty some of his new patients had in understanding his vision, Maercks decided to put his money, or rather his needles where his mouth is.”

“I woke up that Saturday Morning and filmed myself attempting to balance my own face with the idea that I would put eight milliliters of hyaluronic acid into my face, but I quickly realized under my concepts of aesthetic facial balancing, I needed a lot more.” Dr. Maercks’ experiment quickly turned into a 35 milliliter injection that was halted only by the expense Dr. Maercks was investing just to prove his point: “the disastrous results we see daily in the public and on celebrities are not the result of the patient or doctor going too far, it is the result of poor placementor a limited volume or a poorly thought out and executed intervention.” Indeed Maercks was left looking like a happier and much younger version of himself with absolutely no signs of intervention. ( )

Today, the most commonly asked question is ‘how long is this rather costly intervention going to last?’ Dr. Maercks’ explanation is intriguing. “Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) is not only the singly exclusive safe off-the shelf filler [all others are frankly dangerous], it is also the most permanent. I expect a degradation of the sodium hyauronate I use, Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus to occur at 30-40% per year but importantly the process of degradation involves local stem cell activation and production of new healthy vascular tissue.” This process leads to a replacement of some of the volume created by the sodium hyaluronate with new healthy vascular tissue.

Dr. Maercks stresses that all of the products that are heavily marketed permanent and semi-permanent fillers are actually aging patients faces by eroding healthy tissue around them and creating deep inflammatory and scarring responses. Maercks spends a significant amount of his practice correcting damage from these fillers from outside practices. According to Maercks, the biggest problems he sees arise from SculptraTM and RadiesseTM but others including Non US approved fillers also appear with disastrous results ( ).

Maercks reinforces that “nothing in this world is permanent and time and gravity are not kind to us but the results of Hyaluronic acid fillers used in my techniques lasts for years.” Today, Maercks himself is a testament to this statement as his face has really shown no significant changes in the year and one half after his self- Aesthetic Facial Balancing. Compared to his before picture from one and one half years ago, the Maercks today looks 10-15 years younger, more attractive and refreshed ( ).

As a result of the striking video, Maercks has confirmed that permanent results can be attained with the safest filler on the market with his unique methodology. International patients have come to Maercks from far and wide for full face balancing ranging in volume from the teens to over fifty milliliters of product. It seems that there is a safe and long acting facial filler, hyaluronic acid applied with Dr. Maercks' unique concepts and not those of the product representatives or the FDA.

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