Adult Acne Treatment, Probiotic Action Shares New Information on How Drinking Probiotics May Help Clear Acne

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Following the release of information that Kefir holds more probiotics than yogurt, Probiotic Action, popular for their adult acne treatment, shares new insight on why drinking probiotics as a supplement may help consumers get clear skin.

Probiotic spray

Probiotic spray

A recent article by the shared insight on how Kefir is being seen as a stronger probiotic product than yogurt, and how it helps promote the growth of probiotics in the body system. As the article stated, Kefir, being a liquid is, not only digested quicker, but contains three times more probiotics strains than most yogurts. As a leader in probiotic awareness and education, Probiotic Action, best known for their adult acne treatment shares how drinking Kefir may help aid in the reduction of breakouts, and promoting probiotic growth in the body.

Those suffering with acne are often told that milk based products and dairy will contribute to acne flare ups. As a fermented milk product, items like yogurt and Kefir, have the reverse effect. As probiotics are needed to combat the P.acnes bacteria known to cause breakouts, probiotic based products help in the digestion of enzymes in milk products and other foods, which contribute to the production of acne causing oil, and feed the P.acnes bacteria. Aside from the digestive aids, The PA team offers that the probiotics in a liquid form, will enter the body system faster, and if low in sugar, may help supplement a topical probiotic better than probiotics in pill form.

“Every body will need a different amount of probiotics to help supplement their acne treatment,” says Probiotic Action spokesman Fernando Perez. “Drinking Kefir may work better for some than others, but is worth a try to gain a better mix of probiotics. If one is using a probiotic beverage to help supplement our adult acne treatment, make sure that the product has a low amount of sugar- consuming high amounts of sugar will only feed the bad bacteria causing flare ups,” added Perez.

For further insight on benefits of probiotics, why they are known as “the best acne treatment”, and information on using probiotics for acne, visit To stay in touch with Probiotic Action as they offer new products, like them on Facebook for reviews and product updates.

Probiotic Action is an advanced acne treatment that uses probiotics for acne containing the “good bacteria” that is naturally found on healthy human skin. By using probiotics, Probiotic Action is an effective treatment that restores the normal bacteria content on skin, while battling what causes acne. Probiotic Action will successfully clear skin when used as an adult acne treatment while protecting skin against bad bacteria, free radicals, and pollutants*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Probiotic Action is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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