Creative Safety Supply Releases a New SafetyTac Floor Marking Tape YouTube Video

A YouTube video presents and announces the advantages of SafetyTac Floor Marking Tape.

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

When it comes to floor marking tape, SafetyTac tape outperforms any other brand of floor tape or paint out on the market. A new YouTube video designed by Creative Safety Supply, highlights the advantages of SafetyTac floor tape by showing real life scenarios as to why this tape is considered to be the #1 rated floor tape. Even in the harshest work environments this floor tape proves its strength.

SafetyTac floor marking tape has been put through the toughest tests imaginable on a daily basis: from forklifts, excessive foot traffic, and trucks, to chemicals, greases, liquids, etc. The YouTube video shows just how strong SafetyTac tape is even when forklifts are driven over it.

SafetyTac is constructed using a tough material with a tight grip adhesive backing. In addition, this tape also features dual-beveled edges which allow for forklifts to drive over it without causing any sort of damage. It is 35 mils thick and has hardness similar to that of a credit card.

A recent viewer of the YouTube video commented, “The YouTube video is a professionally designed video that gets to the point and makes you want to check out Creative Safety Supply’s products.”

Creative Safety Supply with the use of their YouTube video brings their products to life by showing they have a true passion for innovation, creativity, and safety. Creative Safety Supply understands that overall safety and continuous improvements to safety are both critical components to safety success in the workplace. They hope the YouTube video will provide customers with the latest protective products which can enhance safety, boost efficiency, and increase productivity in the most affordable manner.


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