Vallum Software Announces General Availability of VPP, a Freeware IT Performance Management Solution Packaged with the GMI Universal Software Agent

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VPP is a small-footprint, highly functional IT performance management package that provides admins full visibility into CPU status, network performance, memory usage, disk usage, plus service and process lists for any network device.

VPP is the first of many solutions we will offer juxtaposed to the bloatware philosophy.

Vallum Software, the leader in software single-agent technology for end-point management, today announced a freeware version of its performance management line of products that will be bundled into a package called Vallum Performance Pack (VPP). VPP is available as freeware and is downloadable from the Vallum App Exchange (VAX) and is comprised of the following products:

  •     CPUstat – application that provides CPU status. Provides access to CPU performance counters, enabling admins to look at individual CPU performance as total CPU, per-processor CPU, in one-minute and five-minute load averages.
  •     Netstat – application that provides network status. Netstat furnishes statistics and network performance metrics in a fashion similar to the native "netstat" program of the Windows platform. Enhanced statistics are provided for Ethernet, IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP network protocols.
  •     Memstat – application that provides memory status. Memstat furnishes statistics on memory usage of the platform, including percent memory used, physical memory, virtual memory, page memory, and page rates for performance monitoring and resource management.
  •     SVR – application that provides server performance statistics. Provides access to data points on current configuration values, system and session error counters, file system and disk information, processes, threads, active sessions and server throughput values.
  •     Diskmon – application that provides disk status. Diskmon delivers disk usage values, allowing the operator to view the disk size, disk amount used, disk amount free, and disk percent used for each mounted disk on the managed platform.
  •     Pslist – application that provides a list of processes. Pslist permits an operator to list the currently-running processes of a platform, including the process name, ID, user-owner, and CPU usage for each process.
  •     Svclist – application that lists services on a platform. Svclist permits an operator to list, in real-time, the currently configured services of the platform, including the brief service name, full service name, service state, and any flags associated with the service.
  •     GMI Quickstart Package – starter package that includes the GMI universal software agent, a command-line manager and utility with documentation to get started using the agent and applications. The Quickstart package is freeware and there is no charge to download and use, and there is no trial expiry date.

The VPP download from the VAX is just 604 kilobytes. VPP takes just a few seconds to download and less than a minute to install. Deploying the GMI Agent is equally simple. A single IT resource can deploy the agent to hundreds of devices within minutes. After deploying the agent, any single resource can then start using VPP to manage the performance of their entire network. The UI is a command-line program and consumes just a few kilobytes of system resource.

“GMI” represents The GMI Foundation, a developer community that has partnered with Vallum to build the universal, single agent and accompanying freeware applications. GMI writes the code and Vallum Software takes the products to market and provides multi-level support options. Support options for the Vallum GMI-Agent and accompanying applications can be found here.

“My father was a handyman and used to say ‘there’s always an easier way to do that,’ and this is the mentality we seek to embrace at Vallum Software,” said Tony Perri Vallum Software managing director. “IT is complicated enough without having to deal with vendor solutions that are difficult to use, long to implement, and bloated with functionality you’ll never use. VPP is the first of many solutions we will offer juxtaposed to that bloatware philosophy.”

The Vallum Software growth strategy is based in part on an open source model. The Naples-based independent software vendor (ISV) encourages application developers to download the Vallum GMI-Agent API package from The GMI Foundation website, which contains a wealth of documentation for building custom apps. The Vallum GMI-Agent is a universal “master” software agent that is a fully-exposed, highly encrypted application program interface (API). Application or web developers with minimal knowledge of DOS-type or UNIX commands can easily build custom applications and can host their 3rd party apps on the VAX. All 3rd party apps on the VAX will be validated and Q/A’d by GMI and software authors will be verified.

Where Vallum differentiates from the general open-source model is by 1) providing complete documentation for the GMI-Agent with guidelines for any developer to build his/her own apps, and 2) by providing full support for the agent and all Vallum-generated apps. Vallum Software’s revenue comes from support plans, custom app development and implementation services. For more information on Vallum Software services, please visit the services page on

“We understand the negative connotations associated with ‘open source’ software,” added Perri. “And being a WordPress developer, I have empathy for users who download apps (i.e. plugins) and are then alienated from poor app documentation and absent or delayed support. By this definition, Vallum is not an open source vendor; we do have an open API that makes building apps on our framework easy, but it is fully documented and completely supported.”

There is no charge to download and use the VPP or any of the products that comprise the package. Users may also download the Quickstart package as stand-alone as well as individually download any of the apps bundled in the VPP from the VAX. When downloading any freeware package from the VAX, there are no requirements for users to provide any personal contact details; freeware downloads on the VAX are provided in the spirit of the open-source shared software model.

About Vallum Software
Vallum software is a provider of end-point IT network management solutions that deliver wide functionality across a narrow footprint. Vallum’s unique offering, the GMI-Agent, is a universal software agent delivered in a fully-exposed and encrypted application program interface (API) with complete documentation and support. The GMI-Agent is freeware and there is no charge to download and use the agent. Additionally, Vallum offers free applications on the Vallum Application Exchange (VAX) in an open forum; no registration is required to download these free applications. VAX products are mostly freeware end-point management applications designed to improve network performance and increase IT service levels. For more information on the VAX, please visit the Vallum Software website.

About The GMI Foundation
The GMI Foundation consists of a small group of software developers and software product managers whose purpose is to build fundamentally sound software for the improvement and benefit of industry. The first joint project was to develop a universal software agent, that when installed in complex, heterogeneous IT network environments, helps reduce the complexity and amount of human resource to manage systems on the networks that leverage agent-based technologies. The GMI-Agent effectively replaces all proprietary software agents and serves as a “master” enterprise software agent in a single management console.

The GMI Foundation has coded many end-point based IT applications designed to assist network managers with performance and availability of IT services that drive their respective businesses. Most of these applications are available to users at no cost on the Vallum App Exchange (VAX). In the spirit of an open-source distribution model, Vallum does not require a user registration process to download the applications. The GMI Foundation continues to build low- or no-cost applications for the IT community in a concerted distribution effort with Vallum Software. For more information on The GMI-Foundation, please visit

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