Psychic Friends Network Unveils Upbeat New TV/You Tube Commercial to Launch PFN Advertising Campaign

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Fast-paced “Bigger, Bolder, Better” ad consolidates traditional customer base, attracts young new plugged-in audience with heavy emphasis on Internet advertising

Our goal is to preserve the upscale, sophisticated look that set the original PFN apart and retain our traditional customerswhile reaching out to the new online generation that increasingly turns to the web to make its buying decisions

The Psychic Friends Network today released its first new TV/online commercial, a catchy jingle spot aimed at reinforcing ties with its traditional telephone-oriented audience while reaching out to the younger “plugged in” generation.

The commercial, “Bigger, Bolder, Better,” produced and directed by PFN CEO Marc Lasky, was shot in 30-second, 60-second, and two-minute versions. All three commercials feature a fast-paced original music theme, interposed with narrative and customer testimonials. Each ad touts PFN’s new round-the-clock service, exclusive video chat feature, and easy accessibility by phone, computer, and mobile devices. Lasky produced and directed the original Psychic Friends Network award-winning infomercials, which went on to become one of the to grossing infomercial in TV history.

The new commercial is scheduled to be shown on broadcast and cable television, as well as streaming ads on the Internet, and on PFN’s own channel. It will also appear on PFN’s Facebook page and be sent by Twitter, text messaging, and email to widespread PFN audiences. PFN is currently working with a major email and text-messaging marketing company to give the commercial a broad reach to opt-in astrology lists worldwide.

For the first time ever, PFN advertising will exploit the new online video marketplace that, according to a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study is particularly popular with the hard-to-reach 18-34 year old audience PFN is targeting with its new commercial. As reported in Adweek, the IAB study, conducted by Nielsen, found that overall, “the audience for online video is soaring, with 58 percent of the U.S. population streaming, up from 38 percent five years ago.” The study also showed that Internet video ads now have a higher audience impact than television commercials. According to the study:

  •     Internet ads have a 40% message recall factor as compared to 20% for TV ads
  •     Internet ads have a 64% general recall factor as compared to 46% for TV ads
  •     Internet ads have a 50% brand recall factor as compared to 27% for TV ads
  •     Internet ads have a 28% likeability factor as compared to 18% for TV ads

In a significant departure from advertising for the original Psychic Friends Network, time buys for the new PFN commercials will be handled through a proprietary new flexible, all-digital system. The system will enable PFN to buy more time for far less money, while targeting specific networks, time slots, programming, and online markets. Sophisticated analytics will allow PFN to measure viewer response in real time.

The new “Bigger, Bolder, Better” commercials are the first in what PFN plans to be an intense six-month campaign re-introducing the brand in the public mindset. The original Psychic Friends Network brought in revenues of close to one billion dollars while establishing itself as what was considered the most popular infomercial of its time. The current campaign is scheduled to culminate with the first new full-length PFN infomercial in the first quarter of 2014.

“Our goal with the new ads is to preserve the upscale, sophisticated look that set the original PFN apart from its competitors and retain our traditional customers while reaching out to the new online/mobile generation,” said Lasky. “And we expect the new internet advertising to pull significant results from a lucrative new youthful audience that increasingly turns to the web to make its buying decisions.”

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