FeatherStone Opens First SFR Rental Securitization Conduit

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FeatherStone Investment Group selects Major Wall Street Investment Bank to act as SFR Rental Securitization Underwriter & Distributor.

FeatherStone Investment Group LLC (FIG) is excited to announce today that they have selected a Major Wall Street Investment Bank to act as SFR rental securitization underwriter and distributor.

FeatherStone Investment Group securitization manager Kevin Blaser states that we will issue a formal press release in conjunction with the Wall Street Investment Bank within the next few weeks.

FeatherStone Investment Group also announces the formation of Featherstone Investment LP to immediately start aggregating single-family rental properties for their securitization conduit. (http://www.featherstone-lp.com)

FeatherStone Investment Group has created a program in which property owners and investors can monetize their assets by contributing their properties to our securitization pipeline (conduit) and receive cash at the closing of the securitization. FeatherStone Investment Group’s conduit can securitize over $100,000,000 every 45 days.

Ownership of these assets can be retained until such closing via a limited partnership with FeatherStone Investment LP stated Mr. Blaser.

Actual title transfer to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) occurs at the closing of the securitization, thereby eliminating the need to pay any type of transfer tax until the deal is finalized. Upon closing of the securitization, the contributing property owners will receive both a cash payment and a pro-rata share of the securitization residual (equity tranche), thereby allowing them to monetize their assets and also participate in the potential future upside of the deal.

Through SFR rental income securitization, FeatherStone Investment LP is able to provide an exit strategy that is much more appealing and profitable than those offered by hedge funds or private equity firms.

SFR property owners and investors can immediately contact Featherstone Investment LP to seriously discuss a conduit engagement.

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