HB Performance Group, a Consortium of Payroll Providers, Chooses EHX Service Bureau to Automate Their Clients' Onboarding and Work Opportunity Tax Credit Process

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Efficient Forms, LLC is pleased to announce that the power of Efficient Hire’s Automated Employee Onboarding and WOTC Screening/Processing will now be available to the clients of the members of HB Performance Group with EHX Service Bureau.

Efficient Hire WOTC

The ROI was very impressive. We are helping the client eliminate close to $85,000 in shipping costs...

Efficient Forms, LLC launched a version of Efficient Hire/WOTC that was designed specifically for Payroll/HR Service Organizations. EHX Service Bureau is a feature-rich Efficient Hire solution that can be deployed quickly to a large number of HR service bureau clients. Efficient Forms is very pleased to announce that HB Performance Group members Dominion Payroll Services, Coastal Payroll Services, Payroll Network, and Choice Payroll all chose the EHX Service Bureau platform to automate their clients’ employee onboarding and Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening and processing.

“DPS is excited about our new product offering through Efficient Forms. Clients are demanding more automation and tighter integration in Human Resources and this product is a great addition to our suite of products. This allows us to attack a market place that is generally manual and bring a real, value-add, solution to the table. As organizations climb out of a deep recession we see that they are hiring and need quality onboarding solutions and capabilities to track available tax credits.” ― Dave Gallagher, CEO, Dominion Payroll Services

Efficient Hire/WOTC is a critical piece of the overall solution that allowed us to land the largest client in our company’s history. The ROI was very impressive. We are helping the client eliminate close to $85,000 in shipping costs and helping them reallocate 3-5 full time employees into more strategic roles.” ― Jonathon Gallagher, CEO, Coastal Payroll Services

“With the launch of our human resources division, People Network, and our new human capital management system, RevolutionHCM, Payroll Network is now well positioned to enable our prospects and clients to re-engineer their processes, procedures and technology to create a completely seamless and paperless employee life cycle. Our partnership with Efficient Forms strengthens our ability to offer our clients an integrated solution for electronic onboarding of employees that enhances their ability to administer their human resources, benefit administration and payroll platform effectively and in compliance. The additional integrated screening and procurement of available work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) makes this solution an attractive proposition for both HR professionals, and the C-level executive.” ― Charlie Wolf, CEO and Chairman, Payroll Network

“Through our partnership with Efficient Forms, Choice Payroll is now able to offer an integrated solution for seamless electronic onboarding of employees and it also allows our clients to screen and capture potential tax credits which can save employers money. Most business owners are not even aware that these credits exist and this product will provide a simple way to navigate the process. In this economy, our clients are looking for ways to save money and to streamline their processes and this is a product that can do both.” ― Lori Winters, President, Choice Payroll, Inc.

“It is very impressive when a group of companies work together to identify and implement best practices for the benefit of their clients. We are very honored that HB Performance Group picked Efficient Hire/WOTC to meet their onboarding and tax credit needs.” ― David Kenney, CEO, Efficient Forms, LLC

EHX Service Bureau allows companies providing payroll and human capital management services to quickly launch automated employee onboarding services to offer to their customers. Efficient Hire remains behind the scenes allowing service bureaus to white label and quickly configure this solution for their distinct needs. Specifically, Efficient Hire allows for real-time integration of the Efficient Hire onboarding service with the service provider’s payroll system. This provides a seamless experience for the customer, from the completion of all required new hire forms to the feeding of new hire payroll information into the payroll service. Efficient Hire automates the entire process.

Much like automated tax preparation software, Efficient Hire’s intuitive online interview asks newly hired employees a few simple questions to determine form requirements. Then the Efficient Hire solution goes a step beyond, guiding new hires step-by-step through the entire process. Efficient Hire accurately completes standard new hire paperwork, including W-4, I-9, WOTC (8850 and 9061), state-required forms, employee information, emergency contact, and direct deposit, among others.

Efficient Hire also allows an HR service organization’s customer to have their specific terms and conditions and other attestation documents become a part of the electronically signed new hire package. Efficient Hire implementation and configuration can be completed quickly and allows for each service bureau to set up, configure and manage its own customers through an easy to use Customer Setup Wizard that asks all the relevant questions required to best utilize Efficient Hire. Set up of a customer can be completed by a service bureau in a matter of minutes.

In the competitive Human Resource Management Services market, dominated by several large entities, Efficient Hire goes beyond leveling the playing field by allowing all service bureaus to add automated employee onboarding functionality. This functionality has been promised by the large entities for many years, but to date has never become an affordable standard feature offered to their customers. Efficient Hire will allow service bureaus to not only earn more customers, but also to retain customers indefinitely as the Efficient Hire features become an integral human resource necessity for every customer.

The Efficient Hire offering can help service bureaus grow and maintain their business, but also will help increase their revenue and value to their customers by providing the unique WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) screening feature. The Efficient Hire optional WOTC screening feature allows all of a service bureau’s customers (even small companies) to finally take advantage of the large federal tax credits available through the WOTC program. Finding even one eligible employee can mean thousands of dollars for a customer, offsetting service expenses. Efficient Hire completes the required forms 8850 and 9061 for only eligible employees and instructs the company on easy to follow, required procedures to receive the credits. With Efficient Hire there is no need for customers to pay an expensive tax credit processor.

About Efficient Forms and Efficient Hire:

Founded in 2004, Efficient Forms, LLC is a privately-held Colorado company that specializes in automated electronic solutions for dynamic and cost-effective forms completion, data collection and process workflow. Their Transaction Origination Platform powers the company's various industry leading SaaS services by allowing its customers to capture data for multiple forms by using an online one-time-entry "interactive question and answer" process. Its market leading solutions, Efficient Hire and Efficient WOTC, automate the new hire onboarding process for all types of employers.

About Dominion Payroll Services

Dominion Payroll Services offers payroll, HR, timekeeping, and pre-employment solutions to meet all of your business needs. We have offices in Richmond, Virginia; Tampa, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Nashville, Tennessee and provide services to clients in all 50 states. Our dedication to customer service has helped DPS grow to thousands of clients ranging in size from 1 to 2,500 employees, and we have a wealth of experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes manage the business of employment. DPS is quickly becoming the premier choice for customized payroll and HR solutions, and we'd love to serve you!

About Coastal Payroll Services

Coastal Payroll Services is a California-based payroll service bureau with capabilities to provide service to companies in all 50 states. With its headquarters in San Diego, CA, Coastal Payroll focuses on meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses in the Southern California area. The company was formed by two partners, Jonathan Gallagher & Craig Coleman, who identified a need for a local payroll service provider in the greater San Diego area - a payroll service provider that was truly local (not a national provider with a local sales office). The partners combined their experience in the payroll and consulting arenas to develop a service offering that is driven by simple, efficient, top quality products and processes coupled with best-in-class customer service.

About Payroll Network

Headquartered in Rockville, Md., Payroll Network, Inc. is a leading human capital management (HCM) solutions provider that streamlines payroll, timekeeping, tax filing and HR administration for domestic U.S. employers. Founded by CPAs in 1998, Payroll Network values the professional development of its staff to back up its promise of personal service – the hallmark of every Payroll Network client experience. For more information, contact: Steve Simon, 301-836-1516 x3, ssimon(at)veandco(dot)com

About Choice Payroll

For over a decade, Choice Payroll has helped business owners and managers focus on what they do best - run their companies. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Choice Payroll specializes in personally tailored Payroll and Workforce Management solutions for businesses that are looking for the highest degree of personalized service and support.

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