Project Management Firm Pioneer IPM Underscores Critical Role Of Public And Private Sectors Towards Making Dubai Expo 2020 A Success

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With Dubai being selected to host the World Expo in 2020, Pioneer IPM, a leading project management consultant in the region, sees this as a crucial victory filled with opportunities, not only for the Emirate and UAE, but for the whole region as well.

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Dubai Expo 2020 will be a platform for connectivity to help discover new business partnerships for future success and sustainability.

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Following Dubai's successful Expo 2020 bid, the emirate and United Arab Emirate's work has been cut out.

A representative of the project planning and control specialist firm Pioneer IPM, one of the Expo 2020 bid supporters, said that Dubai's victory is a crucial one that has far ranging effects on varied levels including infrastructure investment and new business and job opportunities. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to show the vibrancy of the economy of the region as well as fast-track some of the development plans that have been laid out by the UAE.

"With Dubai having successfully secured the bid, the task of making the event a success lies in the private and public sectors forming a strategic partnership," the Pioneer IPM representative explained.

The World Expo is one of the oldest and largest international events that is held every five years and can last up to six months. Among the participants of these events handled by the Bureau of International Expositions or BIE are corporations, international organizations and civil society groups. For the Expo 2020, Dubai went up against Thailand, Russia, Brazil and Turkey.

"A World Expo in Dubai in 2020 would be the first to be held in the Middle East region. As the global community faces ever more complex challenges, the links between people, societies and ideas have never been more essential. Dubai Expo 2020 will be a platform for connectivity to help discover new business partnerships for future success and sustainability," the representative from the project planning and scheduling specialist firm explained.

In its bid to host Expo 2020, the emirate chose the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” highlighting progress and development within the context of shared purpose and commitment as well as the spirit of collaboration. In addition to this theme, Dubai seeks to explore three other subthemes: sustainability, mobility and opportunity. And as the United Arab Emirates is set to mark its 50th anniversary, many see Dubai hosting an event of this scale as a fitting vehicle to showcase the country's pivotal role in the global arena as well as its ability to deftly blend tradition with innovation as well as hyper-connectivity.

Pioneer IPM, which has become renowned in the region as one of the best project management firms, sees other benefits to hosting the international event. This includes the influx of business representatives and tourists visiting the emirate. Apart from this, the event is seen to generate close to 300,000 new jobs. And finally, the event is calculated to boost the prices of properties within Dubai.

Events of this nature do not only require the full support of the national government. More importantly, the success of cities bidding for the opportunity to host such a massive event will rely greatly on both business organizations as well as non-governmental organizations.

"Philosophically, politically and logistically, UAE is already coming together to deliver a World Expo 2020. Pioneer IPM already became one Bid Supporter of World Expo 2020, to be a part of a community realizing this significant event," the representative for the international management consultants concluded.

To learn more about Pioneer IPM’s suite of services, including project cost management, visit their website today.

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