New Edgewood Adolescent Rehab Helpline Aids Search for Legitimate Addiction Help

A new rehab helpline in Edgewood, FL offers information about drug rehab facilities for young adults who want to reach sobriety.

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Trustworthy information about drug and alcohol recovery is hard to find.

Edgewood, FL (PRWEB) January 01, 2014

Those residing in Edgewood, FL are just as likely to succumb to the hazards of drug and alcohol addiction just like everyone else. Teenagers, along with adults, can fall victim to substance abuse and their path to recovery can be tricky. Thanks to a new helpline however, young adults in Edgewood can find dependable drug rehab help only by picking up the phone or going online.

The Edgewood Adolescent Rehab Helpline can be reached at (407) 641-3684 for those teens who want to overcome addiction, but don’t known who can help. Speaking with parents or friends can be beneficial, but the more successfully approach is usually getting help from expert addiction counselors. The helpline is intended to be a resource for teenagers searching for information about substance abuse and a place where they can go to get the help the need to get sober.

Substance abuse and addiction is a severe problem that shouldn’t be overlooked. People who contact the helpline or visit their website at are without a doubt taking steps in the right direction. The information available can be used by a teenager to make well-thought out decision about their future.

Trustworthy information about drug and alcohol recovery is hard to find not just in Edgewood, but across all of Florida as well. The new helpline is going to improve all of that however. Young adults who are serious about getting the assistance they need to get clean should call the Edgewood Adolescent Rehab Helpline now and speak with someone with addiction recovery experience.

About Edgewood Adolescent Rehab Helpline:

Young adults living in Edgewood are succumbing to substance abuse at increasingly higher rates so it’s important to call Edgewood Adolescent Rehab Helpline at (407) 641-3684 to learn more about how a drug rehab center can help anyone achieve sobriety. You can also visit them online at for more information.


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