Dr. Food™ Launches New Groupon Deal

Dr. Food medical weight loss ("Dr. Food") announces the launch of its new Groupon deal.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

Dr. Food announces the launch of its new Groupon deal, which makes it even easier to try their weight loss programs. The deal will run for a limited time and it allows patients to choose from either a 2 week or 4 week program with prices starting as low as $99.

Dr. Food’s unique blend of one-on-one counseling, weight loss medications, natural supplements, and customized You:Better!™ meal plans has proven to be remarkably effective. Dr. Food medical director Raihan Haque M.D. was excited to launch the Groupon: "We know this is the time of year when people make promises to lose weight and Dr. Food wants to help them keep those promises. This new Groupon makes getting access to our proprietary medical weight loss programs insanely affordable."

Both program lengths include the following:

1. A detailed initial consultation

2. Weekly follow-up consultations

3. Customized You:Better meal plan

4. Personalized Physical Activity Program

5. If recommended or prescribed by Dr. Food, weight loss medications and natural supplements which suppress appetite, help fight hunger and cravings, increase energy, and boost metabolism

6. If recommended or prescribed by Dr. Food, Weekly Vitamin B-12 or Lipo Den injections

7. If recommended or prescribed by Dr. Food, one Lipo Breakdown injection

8. If recommended, access to additional Lipo Breakdown injections

The inclusion of a Lipo Breakdown injection makes both these deals a steal because a single injection normally costs $70.

Dr. Food worked closely with Groupon to create a deal that was a no-brainer for customers. The resulting promotion is a rare opportunity for people to trial our medical weight loss programs and experience how Dr. Food changes lives.

Dr. Food does not require any start-up fees, long term contracts, or the purchase of pre-packaged overpriced meals.

For more information about the groupon deal visit: http://www.drfood.com/groupon/ or visit groupon.com and search for Dr Food.

About Dr. Food™ Medical Group

Dr. Food Medical Group (http://www.drfood.com) is a leader in weight loss, nutritional education, and digital fitness resources. Dr. Food’s medical weight loss programs allow patients to rapidly achieve Meaningful Weight Loss™. Meaningful Weight Loss (http://www.meaningfulweightloss.com) is defined as a substantial and lasting reduction in weight which positively impacts well-being and quality of life by enabling people to maintain a healthy weight, adopt smart eating habits, and be physically active.

Dr. Food’s medical weight loss programs are comprehensive solutions featuring: physician supervision, prescription weight loss medications, natural supplements, one-on-one personalized clinical support, meal plans based on fresh foods, nutritional education, physical activity programs, digital fitness resources, and group seminars. All of this vital support is delivered by qualified healthcare providers who strive to understand you as an individual while focusing on the underlying factors contributing to your weight.