Solve It Store Partners with Imajize to Solve Customers Questions

We make a great products but it is difficult to convey the full functionalist of them to potential customers. Video was cumbersome and often involved long load times. 360 Product view is a great solution.

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iPad Mini in Landscape

70 Degree Tilt

"Nobody came close to the adaptability of Imajize's 360 view software in full screen mode"

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

In business there are problems, and there are solutions. In the case of, they were looking to not only solve a problem, but conquer it in a way that none of their competitors have been able to. wanted to display their products online so well that it would be just like holding it in real life. Not an easy task. This is where Trevor Orrick, VP of Sales at Solve It Store, turned to Michael Allen, the CEO of – a Web-based software company and photography studio that specializes in creating and displaying 360-degree views of products on the Web.

"These days, a lot of online shops are interested in finding the best way to approach 360-degree product views," Michael explains. "With our extensive knowledge of how to do a 360 view right, Trevor was able to essentially leapfrog over the learning curve. We took care of everything – from the photography to the fully hosted software that displays the 360 view on his website." Trevor was impressed with the hosted software solution that Imajize delivered. "Nobody came close to the adaptability of Imajize's 360 view software in full screen mode. It loads the images almost instantly, yet it keeps our products looking tack sharp on literally any sized device and computer screen you view it from. They really did their homework." The result? As Trevor explains, "Imajize's technology has helped us increase our sales and eliminate 80% of our potential customers' questions, which greatly reduced our call volume. Our 360 view simply does the talking for us."



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