Heading into 2014, Medical Billing Advocates of America Leads the Way in Protecting the Rights of Consumers and Corporations in Managing Their Healthcare Costs

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Pat Palmer is widely recognized as a leading industry expert in compliance billings and accurate insurance reimbursements. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve at an exponential rate with a yet undetermined outcome, Medical Billing Advocates of America is pushing forward with a website overhaul and a renewed focus on releasing quality education materials and trainings for consumers, businesses, and those in the medical industry.

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Medical Billing Advocates of America offers its knowledge, expertise and resources to unions, attorneys, providers, federal, state and municipal governments, as well as to insurance companies.

As 2014 begins and the healthcare industry ventures into the unknown, Medical Billing Advocates of America is proud to announce the restructuring of its website to incorporate updated education and training relating to the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and implementation of ICD-10-CM Codes. MBAA is also updating their other educational and training materials to further establish its place as a leader in the growing medical billing advocacy industry.

With the healthcare industry transitioning from 17,000 to approximately 141,000 diagnosis codes, billing mistakes are certain to take place. This will impact billed charges that may or may not be in the payer’s favor as well as unwarranted denials from insurance carriers. Couple this with the Affordable Care Act that is placing more of the financial cost for medical care on to the patient through high deductibles and co-payments, it has the potential to create financial disaster for anyone without access to a detailed compliance review of their medical bills.

Becoming well educated in these three components within the Healthcare Industry is more crucial now than ever:

  •     True & Accurate Billing
  •     Fair & Reasonable Pricing
  •     Insurance Contractual Obligations

Medical Billing Advocates of America offers its knowledge, expertise and resources to unions, attorneys, providers, federal, state and municipal governments, as well as to insurance companies. MBAA’s newly expanded website contains educational opportunities on specific areas within the medical industry through live and on-demand webinars, workshops, conferences, on-site training, as well as other resource materials.

Pat sees this as just the beginning for the growing number of professional and certified medical bill compliance advocates. “Unfortunately, the burden of accuracy does not rest firmly on the shoulders of the medical billing industry. Though it should, the fact remains that the vast majority of medical bills seem to have erroneous charges and gross overcharges. But we are here to change this by way of putting the power back in the hands of the consumers, businesses, and advocates who want to be prepared to tackle something as tough as a medical bill full of cryptic coding and often ambiguous terminology.”

MBAA’s mission, spearheaded by Pat and her well-experienced team, is to “train, educate, and provide services to advocates, businesses, and consumers.” What’s more, “MBAA promotes ‘True & Accurate' billing and 'Fair & Reasonable’ pricing". The combined effect of their sincere approach is sure to create a bevy of like-minded people who will head into this new era of healthcare prepared and well-educated and intent on helping their clients pay only what they should for the services performed.

MBAA receives national publicity as a leading expert in the field of detecting medical billing errors, overcharges, and underpayments from insurance companies. MBAA has been featured on NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Prime Time Live, NBC’s Dateline and CNN as well as numerous other national television shows, magazines, and newspapers.

Visit their new site this New Year at: http://www.billadvocates.com

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