PaRaBaL Responds to Growing Threat of Imposter Mobile Apps - Releasing Imposter Application Attack Whitepaper, “Fake Android Apps”

Mobile Device Security Company releases whitepaper that discusses a new type of attack that involves delivering imposter applications to unknowing consumers.

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The whitepaper mentions some of the possible issues that consumers as well as businesses face from unknowing customers who download a fake app.

Catonsville, MD (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

PaRaBaL announced today that it is releasing a whitepaper on a new form of cyber attack that has many organizations worried and targets unknowing consumers. The paper discusses an attack in which a hacker will create an application that impersonates a commercial application and place that application in an app store. Unknowing consumers would download the app, creating a number of data security and privacy concerns. The Fake Android App Paper is available here.

The whitepaper mentions some of the possible issues that consumers as well as businesses face from unknowing customers who download a fake app. They believe that the app is legitimate and put private information such as logins and passwords, giving the hacker access to other personal information. The imposter application could also be designed to access other areas on the consumer’s device. For example, it may try to access the contacts or emails. One common characteristic of these imposter applications is that they generally ask for more permissions than the original application would. Victims unknowingly grant these permissions and give the imposter application access to personal information it is seeking.

PaRaBaL’s Application Security is part of a broad range of services designed to enable mobility within the enterprise. The company has four other focus areas that include Corporate Mobile Policy Writing and Review, BYOD Preparedness Check™, Employee Mobile Device Security Awareness Training, MDM Software Lifecycle Management.

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