Skin Tightening, Body Shaping, Cellulite and Stretch Marks Splinters the Equipment Market and Creates the Combination Treatment as the Rule for 2014

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As The Non-invasive market matures, Doctors and patients are discovering there is no one size fits all. Different machines excel at body shaping, loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks and overall fat loss.

Exilis Non Surgical Body Shaping

In the beginning there was Thermage, which excelled at tightening skin on both the body and the face. Fast forward a decade and there are more machines then there are parts of the body. Many practitioners got into the industry with the naive belief that they would buy one machine and patients would line up outside their door. Some to this day do not know the limitations of their machines because they only know what their machine can do. Maslow's quotation, "If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail," is prevalent in the non-invasive cosmetic industry. Patients are encouraged to treat whatever their problem is with whatever machine the practitioner has. However the fault also lies with the manufacturer who is increasingly advertising direct to the consumer with promises that their machine will cure everything. In reality, radio frequency devices like Thermage and Exilis are good at body shaping and loose skin treatments. Even among these two, Thermage excels at loose skin, and Exilis is better at targeted fat loss and body shaping. The new generation of cold lasers, like Illumwave Lipocontour 635, are for overall fat loss. Acoustic Wave is good for cellulite and fat loss. Carboxytherapy excels at stretchmark removal. All of the preceding was only for the body. In the end most patients are treated with combination treatment protocols vs. single machine treatments. This is obviously only going to occur at the few places that specialize and are completely committed and invested in non-invasive solutions. For the face, advanced practitioners are offering growth factor fillers, which utilize the patients own growth factors known as PRP. PRP is combined with traditional fillers, Botox and Thermage for a non-invasive face-lift. For the educated Doctor and patient the marketplace will never be the same. On the positive side it is like having a variety of brushes and colors to paint the perfect picture

Precision Aesthetics offers a complete complement of body shaping and non-invasive solutions for the face and the body. Almost every patient is offered a customized protocol that combines the use of multiple technologies. Thermage for loose skin, Exilis for body shaping, Carboxytherapy for stretchmarks, Lipocontour for overall fat loss. Combination treatments for the face that add up to a non-invasive face-lift are the rule. Dr Zdinak, Medical Director of Precision Aesthetics, has literally scoured the world to put together the ultimate non-invasive combination treatments for her International clientele. Her extensive research has led to bringing in technologies from over a dozen different countries. A few of those include, Exilis, from the Czech Republic, Genuine Dermaroller from Germany, Ultraceuticals from Australia, Mesotherapy and Cryotherapy from France to name a few. Her practice, Precision Aesthetics, is the epitome of individualized customized non-invasive protocols. Each patient is designed a unique program for their individual needs. Perhaps that is why without even a telltale sign on the door, patients manage to find Dr Zdinak, and Precision Aesthetics, from as far away as Japan, China, India, Russia and 50 other countries. Dr Zdinak attends her patients at 10 West 74th St, in a space she designed herself. Her emphasis is on maximum patient comfort and privacy. It is evident in the Shoji doors, iPod docks, individual temperature controls, sinks and spa style beds vs. traditional treatment tables.

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