Safety, Service and The Salvation Army Pay It Forward Campaign

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Putnam Fuel reminds families of the dangers of heating systems that aren’t serviced and offers a donation to area family charity if you sign up for a service plan.

"This outreach program will accomplish 2 major goals for us. It will help keep families safe and it will raise money for those in need. It’s a real win-win!” -John Miles

Every year Putnam Fuel, a growing family owned Fuel Oil and Service company in Goffstown, NH signs up dozens of new heating and air conditioning service plans. According to company President John Miles, "Families in Southern, NH need a service plan – because, if they don’t have one in place, they are risking the safety and health of their family and are likely paying far too much for fuel due to efficiency problems."

Miles also added this, “Often it’s a matter of urgency. If your system is working well today, then who’s to say you need a plan today. But, it’s the calls we get at 2am and 5am when the family has no working furnace that creates our wake up call. This outreach program will accomplish 2 major goals for us. It will help keep families safe and it will raise money for those in need. It’s a real win-win!”

The firm has promised to donate between $5 to $15 for each new service plan that is purchased between January 1st and March 31st (depending on the scope of the service plan) to the Salvation Army of NH.    

Putnam Fuel shares just a few of the common dangers that families face with oil burners that are not properly serviced or maintained:

Burning oil may cause the release of carbon monoxide into a home when a system is functioning improperly. Normally a furnace will produce by-products in the form of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and carbon monoxide, but these gases are forced up the chimney and out of the house. When they are dirty or malfunctioning, the fumes can move into a home’s open air and put families in grave danger.

Furnaces can also create tremendous fire hazards if malfunctioning. Often caused by a back fire, or puff back, this occurs when oil builds up in the combustion chamber in excess before the ignition can turn on. When the ignition does light, the excess oil explodes and blows soot and oil fumes through the duct-work. This explosion can damage the combustion chamber, ignition system or the duct-work. Back fires indicate a serious issue with an oil furnace that can turn into a chimney fire or internal fire if not promptly repaired. If possible, homeowners should shut off the furnace after a back fire and should not turn it back on until it's been serviced.

Dirty and blocked furnaces are overfilled with soot and debris from many long hours, days and even months of heating a home. To avoid the dangers of a blocked system and the costly consequences, an annual service is key.

It’s important to keep the area around the furnace open in a manner that promotes freely circulating air. If furnaces are in an area that is too enclosed, it can get much too hot for safe operation. Well-trained service technicians know this and will make immediate suggestions on service visits if they see an issue with a home furnace. Most oil furnaces have emergency shut off switches that cut the unit off if it reaches a certain temperature. However, an older unit or one with damaged wiring may continue to run, creating extremely high temperatures that can cause explosions, fires and other dangerous situations.

Putnam fuel offers that service is important and suggests that homeowners take action to keep their family safe.

About Putnam Fuel:
Putnam Fuel is residential oil and family energy delivery company that also offers a myriad of other services throughout Southern, New Hampshire (NH). Its focus has been on the growing need for home efficiency, safety and health and creating programs to help families solve those types of problems while saving money using the Oil Save Score™ Energy Savings Program. It has specialized in heating and A/C system service and maintenance and has enjoyed serving a growing region of Southern, NH since 1937. The firm’s current focus is on helping families raise their energy and continues to deliver their message of giving and energy throughout the year as they offer automatic fuel delivery and their Oil Save Score™ Energy Savings System.

For questions or insights, please contact John Miles, President.
Phone: 603497.4897

Or, visit the Putnam Fuel website at

Or, to view a full list of towns and the service area for Oil Delivery, Service and the Oil Save Score™ program, click service area.

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