Mogul Films' "An Incident In San Ysidro" Is Now Available on DVD, HD Download and Streaming

Mogul Films has included a couple of cool extras to go along with the movie's release to DVD.

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An Incident In San Ysidro

We don't think saying 'Thank You' is too much.

North Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) January 02, 2014

"An Incident In San Ysidro" is now available for download, streaming and on DVD. All downloads includes free access to the music from the movie. DVDs come signed by the writer/director, as well as a swatch of wardrobe actually worn in the film.

"Today, movie companies take its audience for granted, never saying 'Thank You'," states Darron Morris, President of Mogul Films. "It seems that the movie industry is constantly congratulating itself with awards, outlandish salaries and high fences to keep its customers at bay. We, as a company, want to creating entertaining products for our audience, at a reasonable price, with gratitude in our hearts for our audience."

"We don't think saying 'Thank You' is too much," Mr. Morris concludes.

Mogul Films is currently in pre-production on its first television program developed for Japanese TV entitled "America Love . . . JAPAN!".

"An Incident In San Ysidro" is available at Mogul Swag. Mogul Films is a multimedia corporation in North Las Vegas Nevada.