Polyonics Introduces Laser Markable Black Polyimide Label Material

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Polyonics new laser markable black polyimide label material (LML) can be easily ablated with a wide variety of popular low power laser systems. The new LML material provides higher contrast bar codes and alpha numeric characters compared to direct part marking and longer term durability and improved readability compared to traditional thermal transfer printed labels for applications involving high temperatures and harsh environments.

Polyonics XF-537 Black Polyimide LML Material

Now with the Polyonics polyimide LML materials, manufacturers can dramatically improve the long term durability and readability of their tracking, product identification and warning labels in the harshest of applications.

Polyonics XF-537 is a laser markable label material (LML) that represents the next generation label technology for high temperature and harsh environment applications. XF-537 includes a polyimide film with a durable, antistatic, cross linked polymer top coat that can be easily ablated with a wide variety of CO2, YAG, UV, Vanadate or Fiber Diode lasers. The unique LML material allows the ablation process to produce crisp 2D and linear bar codes and alphanumeric characters. It also eliminates ink, long the weak link in traditional thermal transfer printed labels. Together, XF-537 provides greater chemical resilience, longer term durability and improved readability especially in high temperature and harsh environment applications.

Added Value for Direct Laser Marked Parts
Polyonics XF-537 is designed to address direct part marking system (DPM) issues and help lower manufacturing costs. LML materials improve read rates of DPMs by increasing bar code contrast. They also allow manufacturers to capture QC and test data by directly marking the labels in process. In addition, using LML materials in concert with DPMs helps simplify the rework process by allowing tracking, retesting and relabeling rejected and/or reworked parts.

The XF-537 is an antistatic LML material. It has a surface resistance of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms allowing it to safely dissipate triboelectric charges before they can build up and cause a potentially harmful ESD event. The Polyonics XF-537 also has a low peel voltage (<100v) when its liner is removed further protecting static sensitive components and devices.

High Temperature Alternative to PET and Acrylic Label Materials
Polyimide is the material of choice for applications involving extreme temperatures and direct exposure to harsh chemicals. XF-537 provides far superior durability and thermal stability than the polyester (PET) label materials on the market. Now with the Polyonics polyimide LMLs, manufacturers can dramatically improve the long term durability of their labeling in the harshest of applications including,

  • High resolution 2D and linear bar codes
  • Automotive under-the-hood labels
  • Ultra-high temperature asset tracking
  • Labeling for harsh environments including strong chemicals
  • Antistatic tracking labeling for static sensitive components and devices
  • UDI medical labeling
  • Electronics tracking
  • DOD/UID military asset tracking
  • Protecting static sensitive devices
  • Durable goods marking

XF-537 includes a highly durable 25μm polyimide film that is ideally suited for the harshest of labeling applications. In addition, XF-537 includes a high strength 25μm pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and 55# Glassine liner for die cutting. Alternate PSAs and liners are also available to best match the requirements of each application. Polyonics recommends a fume extractor be used with its XF-537 LML.

Additional features and benefits include;

  • Can be ablated by low powered CO2, Fiber Diode, UV, Vanadate and YAG lasers
  • Produces high definition 2D and linear bar codes and alpha numeric characters
  • Increased contrast improves readability of laser marked 2D and linear bar codes
  • Provides rework solution for DPM operations
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Halogen free and REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Static dissipative surface resistance (10^4 to 10^9 Ohms)
  • Low triboelectric charging PSA produces a low peel voltage (<100v)
  • Application temperature range -40 to 260°C
  • High strength PSA with liner for die cutting and ease of handling

Polyonics Overview
Polyonics manufactures high performance label materials, single and double coated engineered tapes, films and flexible substrates used by OEMS and specialty die-cut converters worldwide. The ultra-thin polyimide, polyester and aluminum materials are designed expressly for high temperatures and harsh environments plus provide flame retardant and static dissipative performances for electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical components.

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