We Buy Houses Firm in Tampa Bay Publishes Article on Using Law of Requisite Variety to Sell Houses Faster, for More Money!

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Selling your house fast and for more money in the age of cyberspace may be easier if you first visit the field of cybernetics to examine the Law of Requisite Variety, according to an article Advanced Realty Team posted yesterday on the Internet. Cybernetics is the science of information flow and control and the Law of Requisite Variety will help in the information flow needed to sell houses as well as myriad other fields.

“the Law of Requisite Variety holds that in any system of machines or people, the element in the system with the widest range of variety will be the controlling element."

Selling your house fast, and for more money in the age of cyberspace may be easier if you first visit the field of cybernetics to examine the Law of Requisite Variety, according to an article Advanced Realty Team posted yesterday on the Internet.

The article, published Friday January 3rd, 2014 by GOArticles under the title "We Buy Houses Firm in Tampa Bay Recommends Using Cybernetics' Law of Requisite Variety," was written by George Beardsley, Broker-President of Advanced Realty Team.

"While some people will immediately suggest that we all know about putting an ad on line, cybernetics is more than cyberspace," said George Beardsley, President-Broker of Advanced and author of the article.

The article first was published on ezine publishing site and several of the We buy Houses web sites.

Advanced is a Dunedin, FL-based real estate boutique that has specialized in buying houses fast and offering affordable housing through a variety of its rental programs. “In layman language,” Beardsley said, “the Law of Requisite Variety holds that in any system (the process of selling a house) of people, machines or animals, the element in the system (buyer, seller, bank, lender, real estate agent, appraiser) with the widest range of variety will be the controlling element (deal maker).

Conversely, the element with the least variety, if it must be depended upon, will retard or strangle change (the sale).

“Imagine the old days when A wanted to sell his house to B," Beardsley said, “and no one else had to make a decision whether the sale when through or not.”

“B says, ‘pay me $10,000 if you want the house. I won’t take a penny less,’” “And assume A, equally uninformed of the Law of Requisite Variety, says ’I won’t pay a penny more than $8, 000,” Beardsley said.

“For a sale to spring from this impasse," Beardsley said, “at least one side must be able to introduce variety into the mix.”

The purpose of the article was not to provide specific answers to negotiation challenges, but to point out the structure of the framework in which the negotiation exists.

“This is one of the situations where being able to see the truth can set you free,” Beardsley said.
Continuing the example, the article says “perhaps the most meaningful endeavor at the time of impasse is to honestly determine what each side really wants. For example if B needs a $10,000 sale price on the contract, part of the price could be in financing , or seller could provide additional benefits to the buyer, the firm said.

For example, owner finance to sell houses today can put three times as much money in the sellers pocket on a monthly based compared with selling cash and putting the cash in the bank, the firm said.
“It really is about finding out what is important to everyone and removing elements of the system that do not contribute,” Beardsley said.

“Of course, this assumes the purchase and sale is a worthwhile goal,” he said. “And there are certainly times when a sale of a house is not the best for all concerned.”

“But when it is, the model is helpful” Beardsley said. The full article on selling houses faster for more money is available on several of the Advance Realty Team websites and various eZines on the Internet.


George and Maryan Beardsley, two former stock brokers, founded Advanced in 1996 after spending several years working for a national franchise real estate firm and gradually doing a larger portion of their business buying and selling homes for themselves and financing sales for other Realtors.    They entered the real estate business the hard way, owing a home in Boca Raton Florida within a mile of the site for a planned garbage burning incinerator.

The Realtor they hired suggested owner financing which Maryan and George said sounded “stupid and scary.” But having little choice they sold and held the mortgage and the more they learned about creative financing, the more it seemed to be an important tool, especially when it is difficult to sell houses.

Eventually the buyer of their home refinanced and the Beardsleys received the full amount of cash for the sale, at top price and during a period when no one had been able to sell. “That really got our attention and we left stocks, commodities and bonds for real estate,” George said. The firm offers a number of ways of buying houses fast and lately has been offering affordable homes programs, using homes bought as rentals and rent to own homes.

George Beardsley holds the U.S. Patent Office Trade Mark for the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program™ where all rent paid in the entire first year becomes down payment and the tenant-buyer can earn a mortgage by making 12 consecutive monthly payments on time and maintaining the home as though they already owned it. This program is now be modified to be Dodd-Frank compliant.

In the last year, the firm has added an Internet marketing division to use some of the experience the firm hasand the Famous Foreclosure Rentals program.

Advanced also offers a service for local merchants where they guarantee the local firms’ website will be on the first page of Google.developed Internet marketing both the purchase of houses fast and the various rental programs offered, including the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids.


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