Divorce and Financial Security In The New Year

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Many persons who are going through or have recently completed a divorce may use the beginning of the year to seek a new start on life. The Ochs Law Firm is offering tips geared toward ensuring financial security in 2014 and beyond to such persons.

By looking ahead and identifying potential obstacles to financial security, you can begin the process of making sure you won’t suffer more than is necessary during a divorce

Now that 2014 is here, people from around the country are well on their way to fulfilling the New Year’s Resolutions they made for themselves.

For persons going through a divorce, the most important resolution to make may be engaging in proceedings in a manner that will protect their finances in the long run. This can prove difficult given the emotions swirling around such a distinct alteration to one’s current lifestyle, but it’s going to prove necessary in order to have the financial stability that allows for a sunnier outlook on life in the New Year.

The Ochs Law Firm has seen firsthand the mistakes that people can make as they’re navigating the divorce process. Attorney Jason Ochs wants such individuals to start the New Year off on the right foot both financially and emotionally, and that could involve some sacrifices on the part of spouses.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice we give to those who come to us for divorce help is to manage the financial process appropriately,” said Mr. Ochs. “That means looking at the bigger picture. By looking ahead and identifying potential obstacles to financial security, you can begin the process of making sure you won’t suffer more than is necessary during a divorce.”

With that in mind, the law firm has compiled tips for those worried about finances while going through the divorce process.

•Get New Credit Cards- Going through a divorce can take months or even years, and during that time, any purchase made by one spouse on a joint account will still affect the credit and the bank account balance of the other.

•Focus On What’s Important- During the divorce process, emotional attachments and unresolved feelings can lead even the most reasonable persons in the world to stick to their guns in one matter just to prove their resolve to the spouse they see as having done them wrong. This can lead to an unequal distribution of assets, when in reality, a treasured coffee maker is not worth as much as a brand new car.

As hard as it may be to do, divorcing spouses have to set their emotions aside and focus on what will really matter during the distribution of assets. Think about what’s best for the financial security of yourself, and if applicable, any children you have.

•Divorce Yourself of Pride- By the same token, some people are willing to accept unfair offers from their spouse’s legal team for a variety of reasons. Some feel guilty, while some may turn down property offers out of a false sense of pride, but in all cases, a living situation could be severely compromised. Just like persons are encouraged not to place too much value on trivial things, so too should they place a sufficient value on those things that matter. If financial security is on the line, pride needs to be set aside.

•Honesty Is The Best Insurance Policy- One tactic that no divorce attorney worth their salt would advise a client is to be dishonest during proceedings, especially when it comes to asset declaration. The only thing more foolish than someone believing they can hide an asset from the legal system is someone who thinks they can hide the same from a spouse who has been with them for years or decades. Oftentimes, that spouse will hide their knowledge of said assets until negotiations begin, and then that knowledge will drop like a bomb when used against the other party.

•Hire a Lawyer- In the long run, it almost always costs a divorcing individual way more money to not hire a lawyer than to hire one. Whether going through mediation or taking disputes all the way to a trial, a lawyer can ensure that a spouse doesn’t fall victim to a simple error that causes untold financial damage.

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The Wyoming State Bar does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert. Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer’s credentials and ability, and not rely upon advertisement or self-proclaimed expertise. The information provided herein should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

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