OptGuard Launches New Service for Online Marketers

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Online Marketers have always been plagued with proving that opt-ins were voluntary (not spam). These days, web surfers are growing more litigious and OptGuard protects online marketers with its 3rd party verification service.

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In today's litigious society, it is growing more and more dangerous for online marketers to generate leads...

Ever since the early days of the Internet and Email, online marketers have been fighting over leads. Most people are familiar with spam and are bombarded daily with unscrupulous webmasters who harvest emails and then try to turn those into sales. That is the dark side of online marketing, but a good many online marketers do it the right way: double opt-in, spf records, CAN-SPAM act adherence, Safe Harbour compliance, no buying of “lists”, et cetera.

Those who do it “the right way” should not be punished because the dark side is so pervasive. However, in today’s litigious society, it is growing more and more dangerous for online marketers to generate leads and make a living. Even the “good ones” are getting sued. In those cases, the legitimate leads were picked up through a web form and then added to the online marketer’s database. After that, the marketer begins to market to its lead, but many times, the lead forgets that they opted in at all or they failed to read the terms of service and privacy policy. Once forgotten, they begin to unfairly group the marketer(s) with spammers. It’s an unfair world and marketers have little recourse when a complaint is lodged, except to cease and desist and hope they do not get a fine or judgement against them.

Now, with OptGuard, online marketers finally have a place to turn in the fight again opt-in forgetfulness. OptGuard is a simple service that integrates with any standard web form, using PHP to post relevant lead verification data. Once logged, the online marketer has a 3rd party opt-in lead verification of the event that also includes a timestamp, record of IP address, screenshot of the site on that day, copy of terms of service and privacy policy, and more. Armed with this plethora of data regarding the lead, marketers now have something to fall back on when a complaint is lodged.

Even those brave marketers who engage in single opt-in lead forms finally have a leg to stand on. With single opt-ins, the spam complaint ratio goes through the roof. This is especially true because bots are often used to sign up to lists to spam the list itself. The email, usually made up, often is a real email whose owner then has no idea why they are considered a lead. In these cases, at least the marketer has the data on hand and can prove that they were not negligent. At that point, the marketer can simply remove the unwitting “bot” lead and move on with less stress.

OptGuard should be the first stop on any online marketer's way to lead generation. The service is priced just right, to start off free and grow as the online marketer’s database grows. Pricing the service in this way makes it affordable to successful marketers who want to be safe rather than sorry.

About OptGuard
OptGuard finally fills a void that has existed on the Internet for more than a decade. It is a simple idea with huge ramifications. The simplicity of the service meets certain and specific criteria, in order to protect marketers. OptGuard founders believe that this is the next big thing in online marketing --protecting the marketers themselves.

To learn more, visit http://www.optguard.com.

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