Five Ways to Prevent Injury As The Decorations Come Down

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With Christmas behind us, many people around the country are taking down their festive decorations and putting up items associated with love or leprechauns instead. But with such roof and yard work posing numerous personal injury hazards, the law firm of Levy, Baldante, Finney, Rubenstein, Cohen & Chizmar, P.C. has compiled a few tips to help ward off danger.

...we want citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania to be able to go about 2014 without being laid up in a hospital bed or worrying about a personal injury lawsuit.

The presents and the Christmas tree may be packed away, but some people loath to go out in the cold weather may wait as long as possible to remove the exterior decorations.

But eventually those decorations are going to need to come down, and when that happens, there’s a risk that some people may not pay the requisite amount of attention to injury prevention. The truth is that there are numerous hazards that must be considered in order to avoid spending 2014 coping with a serious injury.

The premises liability attorneys of Levy, Baldante, Finney, Rubenstein, Cohen & Chizmar, P.C. have seen these kinds of injurious situations firsthand, and they want to make sure citizens are kept as safe as possible as they transition to a less-festive time period. Lead attorney Mark S. Levy explains the firm’s stance thusly:

“We see the impact that a lack of safety awareness can have on families,” said Mr. Levy. “And we want citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania to be able to go about 2014 without being laid up in a hospital bed or worrying about a personal injury lawsuit. These tips we’ve put together can help ensure focus can be on time spent with family rather than injury rehab.”

To that end, anyone who is a little bit late taking down decorations should consider some of the safety tips put together by the firm:

1. A Helping Hand- One of the best ways to avoid injury is to simply not go it alone when it comes to dealing with decorations. Having another person around ensures you’ll have someone to hold a ladder, help lift heavier objects, alert you to any potential hazards that may have been missed, and more.

However, this comes with the caveat that at no time should any homeowner place the very person they’ve enlisted for assistance in danger. He or she should not be up on the roof or engaging in any kind of hazardous activity. If they do so and end up injured, a lawsuit could be filed against the homeowner, whom they now perceive as having put them in harm’s way.

2. Climb It In The Right Climate- Anyone who is heading onto their roof or spending a considerable amount of time on a ladder needs to do so when the weather is appropriate. If it’s cold outside, energy will drain more quickly, hands may be too cold to properly carry out work, and the excessive clothing that will be necessary can make actions more clumsy. Citizens should avoid taking down decorations until it gets a little bit warmer outside.

3. Let Momentum Work For You- Take a breath whenever you’re pulling a nail out or trying to finagle a Jolly Santa that just won’t budge. When pulling too hard while standing on a ladder or the roof, your momentum can work against you if the object suddenly comes dislodged. Strive to maintain balance, and if something proves difficult, think about whether there’s a smarter way to do things, such as using some sort of power tool.

4. Snow Business- Attention should be paid to clearing any snow or ice that may have fallen on the property. This is particularly important on the roof, where the accumulation could pose a serious hazard for someone taking down decorations. A stable surface is essential for the ladder and for any traversals of the roof, and if that’s not possible, wait a little bit longer to take down the decor.

5. Forage For Proper Storage- Remember that all of these decorations will need to go back up next year. Store objects in a manner that won’t leave the family susceptible to injury come next November. Decorations should be stored in a place where access won’t lead to excessive back strain or pose a fire hazard if exposed to heat.

The law firm of Levy, Baldante, Finney, Rubenstein, Cohen & Chizmar, P.C. has been fighting for the rights of injured parties since its founding in the 1960s. Recognized by such organizations as Super Lawyers, the American Association for Justice, and the Trial Lawyers Associations of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Levy Baldante is dedicated to assisting persons injured by medical malpractice, automobile accidents, defective products, premises liability, and other instances of personal injury. Head to Levy Baldante’s website by clicking this link, and learn more about the firm’s services.

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