Three Steps To Take When Searching For That Dream Home

Search Realty knows the business of real estate and understands the importance both ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ play when a home buyer is looking for a home. Search Realty reveals three steps that any home buyer can take in order to find that dream home.

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Search Realty

Search Realty

If a home buyer takes the right measures, and most importantly, finds the right real estate agent, then finding that home will prove to be a much simpler process, and finding that dream home isn't as hard as first thought.

Mississauga, Ontario (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Finding that dream home is about balancing ‘needs’ with ‘wants’, and also about the home buyer understanding that timing is everything when dipping into the real estate market.

If a home buyer takes the right measures, and most importantly, finds the right real estate agent, then finding that home will prove to be a much simpler process, and finding that dream home isn't as hard as first thought.

Finding that home that fits both the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ for both the home buyer and their family, can be both painstaking and involved, but it doesn’t have to be. If the home buyer takes the proper measures and finds the right realtor, then that can ease the entire process involved in the search for a dream home.

The first step is to determine the neighborhood in which a home is desired. Finding that neighborhood is understanding what is important to a home buyer and his family. This can be anything from having a shopping mall close by, being close to the highway to cut down on commutes to work, close to schools, grocery stores, and more. The final point, of course, would be to find a home for sale in that desired neighborhood.

The second step is to determine the maximum house price that is affordable. At this point, the home buyer must be realistic and understand that some homes in the neighborhood of choice will be out of their range. Also, a home buyer must also realize that at this point, they may have been pre-approved for a set loan amount, but that doesn’t mean they can afford it. The home buyer will need to factor in other expenses, including college savings, retirement, vacations and travel and home maintenance and repair. Above all of that, the home buyer will also need to account for property tax and insurance. Factoring all of these will better establish how much a monthly payment is within reach for the home buyer.

The third step would be to balance needs with wants. One particular need would be the number of bedrooms required for the family. This is something that is required, and cannot be compromised. Some wants could be a larger garage so that extra space can be used for storage, or hardwood floors in the kitchen, two bathrooms, a rec room, and so forth.

An important thing that the home buyer should immediately do when preparing to purchase a home is to develop a checklist. This would make finding a home a much easier process, and will also help the real estate agent they have enlisted in a search for that dream home.

Some of the features that could be included on the checklist are yard size, paint condition of both interior and exterior of home, condition of the roof and windows, hardwood or tiles, one or two or three bathrooms, etc.

The checklist could also include neighborhood details, such as traffic, proximity of home to the grocery store or mall, schools nearby, etc.

The last few tips for the home buyer are quite simple. One is to take a camera to capture images of the home for interest (as there’s nothing like helping come to a decision by taking a look back). Another is to ensure that a family member, spouse, even a friend, is brought to the house of interest as to get their opinions.

The final thing the home buyer should remember is that once a home is found, and an offer is placed, that this offer should be contingent upon the findings of a professional home inspector. There’s nothing like costs that could have been avoided to put a damper on what should be the biggest purchase one would ever make.

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