Credila Inspires Students to Bell the CAT

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Credila Financial Services, an HDFC Ltd. Company of Education Loans, celebrated the success of CAT at various Engineering college campuses today across India.

Credila Inspires students to Bell the CAT

"We belled the CAT...And Credila Education Loan Empowers us to become the CAT's whiskers."

Aspirations and dreams drive students to prepare and perform at various competitive exams. There are numerous entrance tests which students take at different phases of their school and college years. However, JEE and CAT remains the most important and sought after Entrance Tests in India.

CAT (Common Admission Test) is seen as one of the most “life changing” entrance tests for ambitious students of India, who dream about going to IIMs and other prestigious MBA institutes.

This year 1.96lakh students appeared for CAT examination, which was conducted Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

Students prepare for at least one year for CAT. Results and scores of CAT are eagerly awaited by parents and students both. On one hand, there were many students who thought they could have done better, on the other hand, there were many students who “Belled the CAT.

Credila Financial Services, an HDFC Ltd. Company of Education Loans, celebrated the success of CAT at various Engineering college campuses today across India. Team Credila had a huge cut out of the Cat (animal) with the bell hanging on the neck. That huge cut out of the cat was kept on the desk. There was a bell kept next to it. There was a huge Banner saying “Did You Bell the CAT?”. Number of Engineering and Bcom students stopped by and rang the bell, indicating that they have indeed, “Belled the CAT”. Students also wrote messages about “I belled the CAT”.

At Delhi, college students at Delhi University North and South Campus were seen celebrating the announcement of the much awaited CAT result. The Credila Team spoke to the 2014 MBA aspirants how they had belled the CAT. The students also ‘belled the CAT’ (literally, by ringing a bell) and wrote messages on a CAT shaped cut-out about their dream colleges. Students were seen flocking around, getting their pictures clicked in the Graduation robes provided by Credila. They were seen playing games, answering quiz questions and showing off their knowledge as Credila rewarded them with prizes and spread cheer amongst the much anxious MBA aspirants.

In Pune, a vibrant Credila van was seen moving across the city and engaging with the student crowd at popular colleges like MIT Campus, Bharati Vidyapeeth University Campus, Wadia College, Fergusson etc, asking the MBA aspirants about their CAT experience. Students shared their experience of ‘How they had belled the CAT!’ and rang the bell hanging by the van to share their experience. The louder it rang, the better the CAT experience was expressed to be! Students were seen posing with the Credila Team, who were dressed in Graduation Robes. Many students were also seen posing in the Graduation robes and getting their pictures clicked. They all hoped to be joining the colleges of their choice and celebrating the graduation the same way they have celebrated their results with Credila.

At Mumbai, the CAT aspirants at popular colleges like NM College, Ruia, Podar etc were seen belling the CAT. Credila Education Loan had a unique way of connecting with the CAT takers of 2013 as they organized an experience sharing forum around colleges on how the students "belled the CAT". Students shared their experience on a CAT shaped cut-out and rang it's bell to express how excited they were about their upcoming MBA admissions. Students won prizes for their innovative way of sharing their CAT experience and also got to dress in the much popular graduation robe, provided by Credila. As they posed for individual pics and with the gang of friends, they thanked Credila for this exciting experience as they screamed, "Thank you Credila for empowering us to become the Cat's whiskers!"

The Bangalore, the student crowd at MG Road, Jayanagar, Kora Mangla and CMH Road were enthralled with the pre and post CAT result activity organized by Credila. Many students came and shared their CAT experience and rang the bell (literally), after sharing their CAT experience. While some wrote their experience on the CAT shaper cutout, most were seen posing in the graduation robes and gleaming with joy with this fun filled activity organized by Credila.

At Kolkata, Park street and College street saw a lot of celebration buzz where the Credila Education Loan team had set up camp for the CAT takers and the MBA aspirants of 2014. Students were seen sharing their experience in the most innovative way on how they 'belled the CAT'. Each participant rang the bell (literally), after signing their names on the wall of fame stating "I belled the CAT too". Students called out to their gang of friends and posed in Graduation robes provided by Credila and marched along with the parade organized by Credila with a group dressed in Graduation robes. This was an innovative way to make a connection with students and also helping them de-stress from the much awaited CAT results and upcoming MBA admissions.

The highlight of this initiative by Credila created lots of goodwill among students and they felt cheered up and motivated by the goodwill gesture of Credila. “It was a real fun,” said students as they were seen heading back after participating in this activity.

Credila, which is India's first Education Loan Specialist, is known to be quite a popular education loan option for higher studies across the world. Credila’s connection with students through this activity was definitely an initiative enjoyed by students across many cities in India. The students were also seen very happy with their proposition to 'apply for loan before confirmed admissions' – a unique proposition to avoid a last minute rush and plan finances in advance. With this, the students got more than one reason to celebrate!

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