Rejuvenation Laboratories of North America Announce Medi-Collagenics: An Oral Supplement Used as a Highly Effective Way to Reduce the Effects of Aging

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Most of today's anti-aging, collagen boosting products work by direct skin application in the form of creams, gels, or serums. This mode of delivery greatly reduces the benefits that could be gained by taking an oral nutritional supplement such at Medi-Collagenics instead.

Medi-Collagenics is the best anti-aging, collagen producing nutritional supplement on the market today. Users of Medi-Collagenics not only see improvements in their collagen production, but they also experience raised energy levels and some weight loss as well. Collagen is known to affect many body systems. It is in the connective tissues of the skin as well as internal organs, and it is the substance that keeps one’s skin looking youthful and toned. It has been proven to reduce wrinkles and help the skin heal from a wound that may otherwise cause scarring. Over time as the body ages, the collagen that naturally occurs in the body begins to diminish as the body reduces and then stops producing collagen all together. Experts estimate this reduction starts to occur around the age of 30.

Medi-Collagenics is a collagen supplement that you take once per day. Representatives of Rejuvenation Laboratories say that users feel results in just a few hours as the collagen helps the brain, heart, liver and limbs. Over time, users will see an improvement in circulation; body aches, pains, lines and wrinkles will greatly diminish. At the same time, the heart, brain, liver eyes and joints will improve. Stress levels will drop, while memory improves. The makers of Medi-Collagenics say that symptoms of hypertension may also improve, while risk of tachycardia and heart attack will decrease. “You will witness the transformation of your skin from the very first days,” said Dr. Birguite.

Because collagen is integral to all body systems, it is logical to provide the entire body with more collagen via an oral dose rather than restricting its benefits to just the facial skin via topical application. As collagen levels improve throughout the entire body, all systems and functions will improve while internal and external signs of aging begin to quickly decrease. The makers of this product say that an individual’s breathing will become easier within five hours and migraine symptoms won’t seem as severe. Symptoms of tendonitis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism will decrease as the supplemental collagen rejuvenates the liver. Stretch marks will disappear as the skin becomes more elastic. As a person ages, it gets harder to see what one is doing. That could be because of decreasing amounts of collagen within the membranes of the eye. An increase in collagen will help eyesight and will help with eye dryness as well. With this product, users could see an improvement of up to 40 percent in their vision within eight weeks.

Not only that, but as muscles and organs rejuvenate, they will require more calories to function at peak levels, which may lead to increased weight loss – up to nine pounds in just three weeks. Users see an increase in their muscle tone, while looking sleeker and leaner as the time goes by. The appearance of muscle tone is affected by the amount of collagen in the skin. Taking just one Medi-Collagenics pill on a regular basis will boost the amounts of collagen in the skin. Over time, increased elasticity due to the supplemental collagen will lessen the appearance of cellulite, as skin regains its ability to stretch just a bit more.


About Rejuvenation Laboratories of North America: The Rejuvenation Laboratories of North America, creators of Medi-Collagenics, are an advanced scientific and medical lab dedicated to studying both the causes and solutions to body aging and breakdown. Because they study aging on a specific, scientific level, they are able to engineer direct, effective solutions to reverse ginning and rejuvenate all body functions. They believe so strongly in Medi-Collagenics that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For users who don’t feel that this product worked for them, they will take the product back, even if the tube is empty, and refund the customer’s money. As an added bonus, for all who try Medi-Collagenics, a free Maxi-tube of the cream is available at no charge. For more information, see the Medi-Collagenics web site today.

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