Research Breakthrough at the Paris Weight Loss Center Results in Creation of Rapide-60: The Newest Development in Naturally Based Rapid Weight Loss

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A team of French researchers who were curious about how the French can stay so thin discovered ten key ingredients to rapid weight loss, thus creating Rapide-60. For individuals who wish to lose a large amount of weight with minimal effort and side effects, Rapide-60 might be the perfect solution.

In reviewing a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University in California and the University of Wisconsin, researchers at the Paris Weigh Loss Center found that individuals could combine ten vegetable based power ingredients to supercharge their weight loss and fat burning. The results of this research came together in the dietary supplement called Rapide-60. The creators of this product promise rapid weight loss for individuals who purchase Rapide-60 and faithfully take the supplement every day for 28 days. Natural compounds will help your body burn the unwanted fat and users will discover better sleep and more energy to get through the day. “As a supplement, Rapide-60 combines all ten of these natural super ingredients into just one pill,” said Director David Miller.

Rapide-60 researchers have combined passion flower, melatonin, proprietary vegetable blend, Brassica oleracca (a), Daucus carota, Spinicia oleracea, Beta vulgaris, Brassica oleracca (b), Brassica oleracca (c), and Lycopersicon esculentum to create super charged rapid weight loss. In addition to discovering the rapid weight loss of this ingredient combination, these researchers also discovered that those who sleep less than 8 hours per night not only have lower levels of leptin and higher levels of gherlin, but they also had higher levels of body fat. Because Rapid-60 contains melatonin, users will experience longer, deeper sleep that will aid in their body’s weight loss.

Members of the medical community believe in the power of Rapide-60 as well. Dietitian and nutritionist Dr. Thomas Schmitt says it’s no mystery that excess weight creates medical problems. “Nothing is more frustrating or saddening to see than a patient’s health decline due to excessive weight, because it is one of the few conditions that is reversible. Low calorie, high exercise diets are almost impossible to follow in today's society. The Rapide-60 pill is nearly a ‘magic pill’ that is rapidly saving my obese clients.” Paul Lambert, Chairman of the Paris Weight Loss Center says, “…I am so very proud to bring Rapide-60 to America. I have worked my entire life trying to help people lose weight. With this new and powerful pill, the dream of being thin is now a reality available to everyone. I personally guarantee your success!”


About Rapid-60: If fat loss is the goal – up to two pounds per day – try this newly-discovered combination of all natural vegetable based nutrients. The makers of Rapide-60 say there is no diet plan to follow and the product has no side effects. This product won’t bring the jitters that some caffeine-based products bring. The makers of Rapide-60 are so pleased with their product that they back it up with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Just call 1-855-340-5389 to find out more about this fast-acting weight loss product.

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