Escape From Paradise by Game Cooks - A Game Inspired by Reality in the Middle East

A puzzle and action type mobile game with 150 exciting levels, Escape From Paradise is a game about a curious character called Devi on a quest to bounce out of Heaven.

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Beirut, Lebanon (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

While reason dictates that Heaven is the place to be, the hero of our new game Escape from Paradise seems to disagree and is desperately looking for a way out! The story of this game closely resembles our situation in the region – while the Middle East has a Heavenly side to it, we constantly seek to escape it!

Game Cooks, developers behind the widely successful games Run For Peace and Captain Oil, have developed this new adventure game about a cute character called Devi who, after eating a magical mushroom, finds himself thrown through a portal and stuck in Paradise.

The main challenge is to find the right path for Devi to escape Paradise. This unusual and fun filled game is a combination of puzzle and action. Game mechanics are simple yet clever - at each level, the player navigates the game by tapping on the left and right hand side of the screen, helping Devi bounce across obstacles to reach the portal and complete the level.

Escape From Paradise is made up of 5 themed worlds each with 30 exciting and increasingly challenging levels with dozens of creative and fun paradise-inspired obstacles. The objective of the game is to complete all levels. For players who are competitive at heart, there are three objectives – fastest time and most mushroom and potion collected – that collectively contribute to your final game score.

Game Cooks have taken their gameplay to new heights by giving players 10 fun and creative disguises to choose from. Players also have the ability to customize their character by selecting from a large list of items available to them, making their gaming experience much more fun. With incredible game physics, original sounds and trippy sound effects, the player is sure to be immersed in the game and taken along for the ride.

Escape From Paradise, released on January 16th, 2014 (for iOS and Android) is available in two versions – a free version and paid version. The game can also be found on Facebook!

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Press Contact:
Lara Noujaim
PR & Media Strategist

About Game Cooks:

Founded in 2012, Game Cooks is a collective of artists, designers and developers with a shared passion for games. Based in Lebanon and catering to the world, the team creates fun and feel-good adventure type games with a twist. A leader in the game development arena in the MENA region, Game Cooks is focused on producing international games for iOS and Android.


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Escape From Paradise Screenshot, batchy character skin Escape From Paradise - Batchy Character Skin

Batchy - 1 out of the 10 different character skins available in Escape From Paradise - Full Version

Escape From Paradise Story Escape From Paradise - Game Story

The story of how Devi ended up in Paradise!

escape from paradise screenshot, le dezex world Escape From Paradise - Le Dezex World

One of the five themed worlds in the game. Le Dezex is what a desert would look like in Paradise!

escape from paradise screenshot, nightvish world Escape From Paradise - Nightvish World

One of the five themed worlds in the game and a darker version of Paradise!

escape from paradise shroomland, screenshot Escape From Paradise - Shroomland World

One of the five themed worlds and Devi's favourite!