Actionable Steps for Recognizing and Escaping Domestic Abuse [Tip Sheet]

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Online divorce site (MDP) works to ensure that every case that comes to its doors reaches an amicable, peaceful solution.

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...70 percent of cases where domestic violence is present result in injuries...

Online divorce site (MDP) works to ensure that every case that comes to its doors reaches an amicable, peaceful solution. But sometimes circumstances are so extreme for one or both parties, that spouse(s) need outside assistance in escaping the turmoil and moving on with their lives.

With that in mind, the company has released a new tip sheet detailing actionable steps that a victim of domestic violence can take to overcome the situation. MDP recommends the following:

Know The Abuser's Triggers

Recent statistics from the UK-based domestic violence awareness organization Equation revealed that 70 percent of cases where domestic violence is present result in injuries, compared to 50 percent of "acquaintance violence" and 29 percent "mugging."

In light of these statistics, MDP recommends training oneself to be as knowledgeable as possible to their spouse's triggers. "It's important to notice patterns in the abuser's behavior," a company representative explained. "Once you know what sets them off, you can work to avoid it. But remember, it's never your fault. No human being should strike another human being in this manner. This is just about protecting yourself so you don't feel the brunt of an outburst."

Have A Plan

Family, friends, counselors -- all are important to getting away from an abusive situation, the company states. The rep added: "Speak with trusted individuals, who won't try to escalate the situation and make it harder on you. Have safe words that you can share with these people to let them know you're in danger or need help. A phone call or text message can alert these individuals to call proper authorities if you're in trouble. Also, try to physically position yourself in areas that aren't closed off or accessible to objects that can be used as weapons."

Practice Escaping

Danger is at its most prevalent the closer a victim is to their escape, so it's very important to have escape plans in mind before actually leaving, MDP states. "Many victims prefer doing a test run before they actually leave," the MDP rep stated. "Knowing the exact steps you're going to take and even practicing it as part of a 'dry run' is important for not getting tripped up when the actual moment comes. These practice sessions are also important because they convince the victim that they're strong enough to reclaim control of their lives."

Get Familiar With Nearby Domestic Violence Shelters

Knowing where the domestic violence shelters are, is important for one's long-term well-being, the company states, adding that "these shelters are trained at lending you support whenever you need it, even if you're not ready to leave your spouse. You can count on these places for discretion and resources necessary for getting away and getting re-established. Also, if you plan on escaping, these will tell you how to do so while minimizing the danger."

Be Protective Of Privacy

Finally, MDP urges victims of domestic violence to safeguard their privacy. The rep recommends the following: "Clear your Internet history on the computer and any web-enabled device. Use calling cards or password-protected messaging to communicate with the outside world. If using the 'Net, make sure you log out and close down a session so your abuser can't simply hit the back button and see what you've been doing." provides affordable divorce forms solutions for those looking to file for divorce. Paperwork can be completed and compiled in 45 minutes for immediate use.

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