Giant Sports Products Named #1 Brand of the Year

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Independent International Sports Supplement Website STACK3D Names Giant #1

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Awarded #1 Brand in Sports Nutrition

Giant Sports Products...the #1 brand in Sports Nutrition...

STACK3D ( has counted down the 'Top Five' brands in Sports Nutrition for 2013 at their website. For those who have been waiting and wondering what company took home top honors on the list of best brands from 2013, STACK3D has selected Giant Sports Products ( of Brick, NJ as the #1 brand in Sports Nutrition for 2013. The competition was fierce and while there were strong cases for other sports nutrition companies to take the #1 seat, the staff at STACK3D felt there was none better than Giant Sports in 2013. In the past twelve months this relatively new brand proved that they were more than a one hit wonder, going on to show that they continue to create hit product after hit product non-stop.

STACK3D first discovered Giant Sports when they were rolling with two supplements in their line, Delicious Protein® and Dexamine®. While the staff did eventually try the five different Delicious Protein flavors - and the product absolutely lives up to the name - it was when STACK3D finally got a shot at the energizing fat burner that the staff knew this brand was the real deal. STACK3D’s review of Dexamine, showed that the product does just as its bottle describes, delivering to the user both a powerful energetic and thermogenic experience. As for the Delicious Protein, it also did as per its description, becoming one of the best tasting protein formulas ever reviewed. The ‘deliciousness’ was carried over from the 2012 launch of Giant’s Delicious Protein in Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookie-n-Creme flavors to the two new 2013 flavor releases of Peanut Butter Chocolate and Banana. Around this time Giant Sports gave back to their hit product by not only adding a few more flavors, but by secretly adding another size option. Unfortunately, this new “super-size” Delicious Protein is currently only available for fans located in Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea - a truly lucky group who were given the ability to purchase the massive 125 serving, 10 pound bag of Delicious Protein. Perhaps Giant will decide to launch this huge bag of protein in North & South America in 2014?

So after an early start in 2013 that spread the applause of Giant Sport's Delicious Protein even further, as well as substantial attention to the weight loss supplement Dexamine, rumors surfaced that the brand was looking to get into the preworkout powder game. This product category had already seen plenty of recent innovations with some truly effective products actually being drowned out by the sheer quantity of top quality formulas being produced. The task Giant had before them was not an easy one. That being said with two top performers already in their arsenal, STACK3D and likely many others around the globe had very little doubt in the brand pulling off a little magic in this already saturated category.

It wasn't until early August 2013 that the name Metabolic Bioshock™ came to light. This was confirmed as the title of Giant Sports' preworkout SKU which was being promoted as a clinically dosed and 100% label transparent supplement. A month or so after the name was announced, a Supplement Facts panel surfaced. This was not the official contents list, although it did provide a good idea of what we could expect from the product. It turned out that indeed, Bioshock was as promised: a clinically dosed supplement with 100% label transparency. Glutamine Nitrate, CoQ10, Instantized & Micronized BCAAs along with higher doses of Vitamin K and Pantothenic Acid (among the usual suspects like Creatine and Taurine) Bioshock contains one of the more unique mixtures with ingredients not seen in any other products in class for some time or some cases, ever.

Without even trying Bioshock the staff at STACK3D already felt like congratulating Giant Sports. In the midst of what could have been called a dogfight in the hyper-energy preworkout category, the brand put together something completely different. They didn't merely mimic what others had believed to be effective or successful. Giant actually did a lot of research and leg work in developing this one-of-a-kind supplement, a preworkout product unlike anything else on the market. With all the high stimulant fueled formulas that are short on other ergogenic qualities that have become the current trend in the industry, Giant Sports went in a different direction and spoke that Bioshock would be so different that there really would be no true competition for the product. Sticking to their guns and releasing a product that answered all their claims, after six months Bioshock has still yet to see an equal.

Bioshock was eventually reviewed by the STACK3D staff (, where it came as no surprise that the product delivered on Giant’s promises. Going from use to use, Bioshock is a product of many exciting effects. Endurance, pump, taste, energy, focus, and even the ability to enhance strength through a calming stimulation. Giant's formula had it all. It's balance and entry into the ranks stands as a great alternative for those who don’t merely desire a hyper-stimulant laden supplement that most other brands offer, while delivering a physical performance on par with or even exceeding the best.

As 2013 winded down a close, Giant Sports quietly unveiled one more innovation for the year, Thyrotwin™. Unfortunately STACK3D has yet to try the open-labeled, two ingredient fat burner as retailers online are listing the product at the prices they are. Even if Giant follows through on half of what this supplement promises, its value is going to win over the hearts of weight loss enthusiasts everywhere.

Over all the launches, updates, and giveaways, the main reason the staff at STACK3D put Giant Sports at Number One on the list is because of the brand’s reliable consistency. Not once in the year did they miss a mark, fall through on a release date, or fade away into the background of the highly competitive sports nutrition market. The brand stayed relevant, they continue to please, and had zero fails in 2013. For sure, Giant Sports follows the beat of their own drum, which was clearly demonstrated with Metabolic Bioshock and even somewhat in Thyrotwin. This makes Giant Sports not just an innovative brand, but an innovative brand that is inspired by their own set goals and rules. Qualities that we feel Giant Sports can claim as uniquely their own.

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