One Magnificent Smile Now Uses the CEREC Omnicam

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Chicago-based dentist Clifford Zmick is now using the CEREC Omnicam at One Magnificent Smile. This diagnostic tool creates full-color 3D scans of the mouth.

CEREC Omnicam Dental Crowns Patient

CEREC CAD/CAM technology has improved the way that dental crowns are created and crafted. Rather than require two separate visits to get dental crowns, the process can now be done in just a single dental visit. Yet Sirona, the company behind CEREC, has taken it one step further with the CEREC Omnicam. This dynamic diagnostic camera creates full-color, three-dimensional scans of the teeth and gums in real time.

A proud user of CEREC systems for more than 10 years, cosmetic dentist Clifford Zmick is pleased to announce that he is now using the CEREC Omnicam at One Magnificent Smile. This means greater dental care and an improved patient experience.

What Is the CEREC Omnicam?

The CEREC Omnicam is a handheld intraoral camera. This camera allow an easier and faster capture of any dental problem and can assist in most repairs and restorations in a definitive and easier restoration. More important, the capacity of the camera makes the dental restoration visit much more accurate and faster.

A lens is located at the end of a handpiece. The camera portion of the handpiece is small and able to access the various nooks and crannies of the mouth, allowing Dr. Zmick to access your teeth and gum tissue at various angles.

How the CEREC Omnicam Works

During a scanning session, Dr. Zmick simply maneuvers the CEREC Omnicam around the patient's teeth and gums. The camera collects information and sends it directly to a monitor, which creates an accurate image of the patient's teeth. It's as easy as that.

Real-Time, Real Colors, and Three Dimensions

One of the things that makes the CEREC Omnicam so special is how quick the scans can be done and how easy it is to do them. There is no discomfort involved. The patient simply sits back with his or her mouth open while Dr. Zmick gathers data using the handpiece.

There is unprecedented sophistication when it comes to the color and detail of the three-dimensional imaging. The CEREC Omnicam catches all of the distinct hues of your gum tissue and tooth structure. When the three-dimensional model is built in real-time on screen, Dr. Zmick and the patient can distinguish between natural tooth structure, dental restorations, and tooth decay. The imagery is that rich with exact detail.

How CEREC Omnicam Benefits Patients

Thanks to the detailed full-color imagery of the CEREC Omnicam, patients are able to get a dentist's eye view of their own mouth. This is something that cannot be understated.

Dr. Zmick can show patients dental problems affecting their teeth and gums, rotating the digital model as needed. By having this kind of information, patients will gain a much better understanding of what their dental work will entail and how Dr. Zmick can improve their dental health.

How CEREC Omnicam Improves Overall Dental Care

The three-dimensional color model of the patient's mouth allows Dr. Zmick to consider various treatment options and how they can best be enacted. The ability to reconsider the detailed model on the screen gives the CEREC Omnicam so many advantages over traditional digital radiography and intraoral cameras.

When it comes to crafting a dental crown with the CEREC Omnicam, Dr. Zmick is able to consider the nature of the tooth preparation as well as the points of contact between the custom dental crown and adjacent teeth. The dental crown can be easily adjusted during this planning stage, allowing Dr. Zmick to craft the best possible dental restoration on-site in a single dental visit.

Learn More about State-of-the-Art Dental Treatment

If you would like to learn more about the CEREC Omnicam and your many other options for advanced dental care, we encourage you to get in touch with Dr. Zmick and his team. One Magnificent Smile can be reached at:

7020 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60707
Phone: (773) 745-8300

Originally posted by Dr. Clifford Zmick

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