The Real Tooth Fairies Deliver Personalized Letters To Girls For Taking Care of Their Teeth

The Real Tooth Fairies announced today new personalized Tooth Fairy letters that inspire and reward girls for taking care of their teeth. The Magic Letters, which are delivered to girls on their pillows, are the latest from the award-winning website,

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) January 17, 2014

The Real Tooth Fairies announced today new personalized Tooth Fairy letters to girls that inspire and reward them for taking care of their teeth. The new letter topic girls can choose is called “Taking Care of My Teeth,” and like all the Magic Letters from The Real Tooth Fairies, these fun letters are delivered to girls on their pillows!

Imagine you’re a girl who has found the way to Magic Message your Tooth Fairy online -- and she answers you back with a letter on your pillow! Now more than a fanciful imagining, it’s a reality for girls ages 5 to 10 years-old. This is thanks to the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to inspiring imagination, fostering creativity, and building character through a girl’s special friendship with her Tooth Fairy. The Real Tooth Fairies’ mission is to celebrate every girl and encourage her to spread kindness and change the world by being a part of the magic at

“Taking Care of My Teeth” is a new personalized letter topic that is in keeping with The Real Tooth Fairies mission of promoting oral care. “Our goal is to help girls around the world build a habit of brushing their teeth twice a day to have a healthy smile,” says Marilyn Bollinger, CEO of The Real Tooth Fairies. “Girls know their Real Tooth Fairy celebrates them in every way that they’re growing and glowing.”

So far, the reaction has been enthusiastically positive. Girls have been sending their Real Tooth Fairies Magic Messages like: “I brushed my teeth for two minutes” and “I flossed after I brushed" and "I'm using my tooth brushing chart."

How it works is simple. A girl goes online to the company’s award-winning website, - with her parent’s permission – and gets matched to her own Tooth Fairy. This begins a sweet friendship between a Tooth Fairy and an “Earthie,” as human girls are called. The two write back and forth like best friends sharing a growing girl’s day to day experiences – her proud moments and her challenges. Topics a girl can write about include: being proud of an activity, making friends, having a good day at school, a big moment in sports, a birthday, being sick or injured, or EVEN having a lost tooth! Parents play an important part by giving The Real Tooth Fairies permission to fly the letters to their girls’ pillows.

The “Taking Care of My Teeth” letters are part of an oral care program that features Dr. Glowsmile, The Real Tooth Fairies own fairy dentist. Dr. Glowsmile offers a goal-oriented brushing program with weekly tooth brushing charts parents can download and print. Dr. Glowsmile appears in some of the Magic Letters the girls receive and displays her dentist office and her wall of Healthy Brushing Heroes from Real Fairyland. Even the Furries get regular dental check-ups with Dr. Glowsmile.

Parents praise the new tooth care letters with comments such as, “My daughter pays more attention to her brushing techniques now and takes special care of her gums. She loves her Tooth Fairy so much that she wants her Tooth Fairy to be proud of her for her good tooth habits;” and “It's different now when she brushes her teeth - she doesn't want to let her tooth fairy down.”

As Queen Sirona of The Real Tooth Fairies says: “Your teeth are like the jewels in your smile, so take special care of them to keep your smile glowing!”

About The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented to Earthies by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of excellence in programming and interactive media, tied to consumer products that inspire imagination, foster creativity, and encourage children to spread kindness and change the world. The Real Tooth Fairies focus on character-building content through positive role models, the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, and the Every Kindness Counts program.

Marilyn Bollinger, CEO of The Real Tooth Fairies, is the author of many Disney books and has consulted for LeapFrog, Fisher-Price and other top children’s companies. As a licensed clinical social worker, she has practiced family and children’s therapy and been leader of parenting workshops. And of course, she’s honored to be the Earth’s ambassador to all things Real Fairyland, where Love is Magic and Every Kindness Counts!

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