Super Rope Cinch Hands-on Displays Arriving at Home Depot Contractor Counters

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Just Right Products LLC will ship the first few hundred Super Rope Cinch counter displays to Home Depot stores this February. The counter display allows people at checkout to touch and operate the Super Rope Cinch, where it has already shown to increase sales of the rope-securing device.

Tie and Untie Rope without a knot

Super Rope Cinch by Just Right Products

The counter display has already proven to increase Super Rope Cinch sales at many retail stores.

The Super Rope Cinch replaces the need to tie and untie knots. Tying knots is an ancient practice and a form of art. Knots have been used by the man since the dawn of time to tie and secure things together. Knots have been our constant companion, weathering the elements on our fiercest adventure or helping us hold things together in the simplest of our day-to-day activities.

While they are practical, you have to admit that tying knots have shortcomings too. Some knots give those who try them no end of grief, and some are just too complex to wrap our heads around. There is a plethora of different knots, each with their own disadvantages and flaws. Fraying, buckling, twisting, tangling, and instability are just a few that can be mentioned, and not the least of all, they can be frustratingly difficult to untie. Why then, with all the technology of today hasn't anyone come up with an alternative?

The Super Rope Cinch is the solution for the countless attempts to replace knot-tying by previous gadgets, claiming and failing to do half of what this recent invention can do. This device, to give it the credit it deserves, is a breakthrough in the age-old practice of rope knotting. Enjoying record breaking sales ever since it was introduced in the Just Right Products market. This has been called “the best invention since the bungee cord, only much safer” by its adoring customer base. All set to become the flagship item of the company. This remarkable Super Rope Cinch is the product that might just do away the noble practice of knotsmanship.

The technology is so new that many people seeing the device for the first time have no idea what it does, nor how it works. The countertop displays solve this consumer issue by allowing people to touch, feel and operate the Super Rope Cinch in the best possible place - The stores that it's for sale in. In test markets, the counter display proved to increase sales dramatically, which is why Just Right Products is implementing the display in as many Home Depot stores as possible.

With the Super Rope Cinch, a variety of knots can be replicated perfectly with just a simple twist. Put the ropes in, twist to secure them, and press a button to release them. The device itself can hold its ropes very tightly, much more than any knot can, and withstand a great amount of vertical or horizontal pressure without giving way. It is no wonder then that most of its customers are the outdoorsy type – campers and mountain climbers. It is, however, not just for the most adventurous type, as can be guessed from the many people who apply the device somewhere in their day-to-day routine or for the most inane tasks.

Available in all Georgia Home Depot stores – the Super Rope Cinch enjoyed most of its sales directly from the franchise. Manufactured in the US and made with the highest quality materials and having undergone the most stringent testing processes, it is certainly built to last a good while.

Aiming to please customers even more, the company sent out its ace Mickey Kitchen to no less than 74 Home Depot stores in the past month. With the Super Rope Cinch being a new product, they were expecting to be enlightened by the customers' reviews on how they can improve their product. The simple ease of use along with the Super Rope Cinch countertop display seems to be enough for most stores at this time.

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