aktiv8vapor Introduced Exclusively by GNC.com as First-Ever New Zealand Deer Antler Extract Supplement in E-Vapor Form

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Created by Ultra-Marathoner, Innovative New Tobacco & Nicotine-Free Brand Delivers Fast-Acting Regeneration on the Go


Created by an ultra-marathon runner and now available exclusively on the http://www.gnc.com site, aktiv8vapor (http://www.aktiv8vapor.com) offers a bold new way to absorb one of nature’s most potent growth hormones into your system quickly, effectively and safely. Containing a concentrated jolt of New Zealand deer antler extract powered by IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), aktiv8vapor is the first supplement in the category to feature a full spectrum E-vaporizer – a breakthrough that almost instantly revives the mind and body on the go when weekend warriors and world-class athletes need it most.

Smoke-free and without a trace of nicotine, caffeine, or tobacco, the category-defining aktiv8vapor contains only vaporized New Zealand deer antler extract, non-GMO organic vegetable glycerin and organic flavorings. Because aktiv8vapor’s pure extracts are absorbed in the mouth and avoid the diluting, “de-naturing” impact of stomach acids, the product promotes faster healing, greater endurance and revitalized energy in a matter of seconds – far faster than traditional liquids, sprays or pills.

The aktiv8vapor Difference – Nature Meets Technology

Unlike all comparable supplements on the market, aktiv8vapor’s proprietary electronic vaporizer system enables users to instantly absorb the clinically-proven benefits of purified deer antler extract while also enjoying a deliciously soothing taste and aroma every bit as satisfying as their workouts themselves.

Designed to work as hard as the gym devotees, bodybuilders, marathoners, committed athletes, and fitness buffs who use it - while also lasting hours longer than any other deer antler extract supplement on the market - aktiv8vapor utilizes the technology of a personal vaporizer cartridge to distribute pure deer antler extract via the mouth in the form of nano-particles suspended in vapor. The company recommends using the product two or three times daily with four or five activations (inhales) per session to enjoy peak performance results.

aktiv8vapor’s high-tech cartridge with dual LED lights can be easily transported in a pocket, purse or backpack, with each cartridge containing enough for 400 flavor sensations. Sold at $14.99 per individual package, aktiv8vapor is available in three delectable flavors - Vanilla, Coffee Vanilla and Cinnamon - sure to win over athletes of virtually all backgrounds and taste preferences.
While everyone’s results will differ as with any wellness product, aktiv8vapor has been designed to:

  •     Enhance lean muscle mass and bone strength
  •     Provide mental and physical regeneration during exercise
  •     Accelerate cardiovascular healing
  •     Enhance immunity
  •     Provide metabolic functions that bolster strength and endurance
  •     Promote better sleep

Yes, Deer! A Breakthrough Product 3,000 Years In The Making

The deer has long been revered for its grace, speed, and endurance, assuming near-mystical stature in some cultures as the simultaneous embodiment of both strength and gentleness. Some 3,000 years ago, healers discovered the unique regenerative qualities found only in fast-growing deer antlers, and to this day Chinese people still regard deer antler extract as one of the most vital of all natural remedies.

To ensure maximum quality, safety and environmental responsibility, aktiv8vapor uses only deer antler extract from New Zealand due to its unsurpassed quality and the dedication of the New Zealand Game Industry Board to the humane treatment of the animals during the harvesting process. Of special note is that the deer providing antlers for aktiv8vapor are never killed or harmed in any way; quite the opposite, in fact, since deer are particularly valued in New Zealand culture and tended to by highly-trained caregivers.

While products containing higher dosages of deer antler extract have been banned by the FDA and World Anti-Doping Agency, aktiv8vapor’s unique vapor-based delivery system, premium quality ingredients and concentrated doses of IGF-1 have already won over a diverse array of athletes internationally – making the new brand a natural (in every sense) addition to the popular GNC.com family of products.

Mark’s Story

For most of his adult life, Mark Jacob has been participating in grueling foot races covering 100 miles or more. In 2012, he had an adverse digestive reaction to a popular deer antler extract spray he took during a race, and moments later, a category-defining brainstorm changed his life: why not develop a deer antler extract in a vaporized form that doesn’t have to be digested?

“As someone who uses aktiv8vapor daily, I can tell you I’ve never felt better physically or mentally, and hundreds of my fellow athletes have already reported experiencing the same positive benefits,” says Mr. Jacob. “I’m hoping aktiv8vapor will help usher in a whole new era of vapor-based products within the sports supplement industry and look forward to a long and rewarding association with GNC - not only a leader in the multi-billion-dollar sports supplement and nutrition field, but a longstanding proponent of the industry’s most innovative and disruptive brands.”

About aktiv8vapor.com Based in Los Angeles, aktiv8vapor.com (http://www.aktiv8vapor.com) is the first-ever deer antler extract product available in E-vaporizer form. Sold exclusively at http://www.gnc.com, the new brand is smoke, nicotine, caffeine and tobacco-free and contains only organic, non-addictive ingredients to provide regeneration on the go to serious athletes and weekend warriors alike.

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