Dr. Steven Scanlan of Palm Beach Outpatient Detox Discusses Suboxone Dependency

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In a comprehensive article, Steven Scanlan, M.D. explains and establishes the principle behind ending Suboxone dependency effectively through the Palm Beach Outpatient Detox.

Dr. Steven Scanlan

Dr. Steven Scanlan

I absolutely do not recommend that anyone attempt to detox off Suboxone or Subutex without the help of medical professionals.

Various harmful drugs and substances – such as alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines – can have devastating effects on dependents. Aside from highly evidencing failing health, drug dependency can also cause altered behavior often characterized by compulsive drug-seeking, a distorted sense of judgment, and lack of self-control. In a recent article from Dr. Steven Scanlan titled “Detoxing from Suboxone – Fear is Caused by a Lack of Knowledge”, he reveals the potential pitfalls to recovery and how to successfully address the issue.

Suboxone, a drug, prescribed by various physicians in the United States, is highly regarded as one of, if not the most powerful detox tool ever developed. While known to help dependents get off their narcotic addiction, Suboxone use is not spared from disapproval and criticism because of the side effects of the drug.

Steven Scanlan, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist who also acquired board certifications in Addiction Medicine, highlights the need for Suboxone detoxing. After speaking with patients who were on long-term Suboxone maintenance and experienced side effects, the Palm Beach, Florida-based specialist concluded the need for systematic detox.

"Suboxone is a very potent narcotic," said Dr. Steven Scanlan.

"The problem I am finding in America is that doctors know how to get patients on Suboxone, but no one knows how to get them off it," he added, Scanlan, noting that a large majority of American physicians prescribing Suboxone "have no training in addiction medicine."

Dr. Scanlan is the specialist behind Palm Beach Outpatient Detox, which offers private outpatient substance abuse detox and recovery program. PBOD services patients in South Florida, who undergo personal and direct Suboxone detoxification treatments taken through a one-on-one approach.

Via PBOD.org, Dr. Scanlan describes in detail how he performs the Palm Beach Detox for Suboxone. He also explains the symptoms and stages of Suboxone withdrawal, the Suboxone detoxification phases, and the complete recovery process.

Through his informative sharing of his clinical and personal experiences on PBOD.org, Dr. Scanlan aims to educate Suboxone takers considering detox, and stimulate discussion among prescribers as well.

"This is not a 'how-to' guide, and, I repeat, I absolutely do not recommend that anyone attempt to detox off Suboxone or Subutex without the help of medical professionals," Dr. Scanlan underscores.

To read the full in-depth article on successful Suboxone detox, please visit http://www.pbod.org/detoxing-suboxone-fear-caused-lack-knowledge/.

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