BRM Announces Handgun Tools for Finishing and Polishing Revolvers and Pistols; Learn How to Select Flex-Hone® for Firearms Tools for Handgun Maintenance

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Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), American-owned maker of handgun tools, announces Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools for handguns made by Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, and other leading gun makers. BRM also announces technical resources that explain how gun owners and the firearms industry can use these handgun tools to surface finish and polish revolvers and pistols.

Flex-Hone® Tools for Revolvers and Pistols

Flex-Hone® Tools for Revolvers and Pistols

BRM's Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools can be used to finish and polish pistols and revolvers made by firearms industry leaders such as Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, and SIG Sauer.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), maker of flexible hones and industrial brushes, is announcing technical resources that show gun owners and gun makers how to select BRM handgun tools. The company’s Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools can be used to finish and polish pistols and revolvers made by firearms industry leaders such as Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, and SIG Sauer.

Suitable for smooth bores, the Flex-Hone® for Firearms tool is versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use. Built with a stiff metal stem and flexible nylon filaments, BRM handgun tools mount in production machinery or handheld electric drills, and feature abrasive globules that impart a superior surface finish. Flexible honing also promotes optimum lubrication, as this video explains.

How to Select Handgun Tools

Selecting the right Flex-Hone® for a revolver or pistol is an easy task when buyers understand how flexible honing tools are organized on the BRM website. There are two types of BRM brush tools for sidearms: pistol chamber hones for handgun cylinders, and flexible honing tools for the slides on semi-automatic handguns.

Both types of handgun tools are specified by tool type, abrasive type, and grit selection. On the BRM website, dropdown boxes for these parameters let customers specify gun tools on-line, and then add them to a virtual shopping cart. Use the top dropdown box to specify the caliber (CAL) and/or model of your weapon. Use the other dropdown boxes to select the abrasive type and grit size.

Flex-Hone® tools for revolvers and pistols typically use silicon carbide (SC) abrasive for removing oxidation, corrosion, tool marks, and other machining imperfections. Grit size is also important to consider when selecting a handgun polishing tool. Choose either 400 or 800 grits, depending upon your surface finishing requirements. Use the 800-grit handgun tool to impart a final finish.

Chambers and Slides

All BRM pistol chamber hones have a 1-5/8” abrasive surface and an overall length (OAL) of 3”. These handgun tools are available for the following calibers and/or models of sidearms: .32, .357 MAG / .38 cylinder, .41 MAG cylinder, .44 MAG cylinder, .45 ACP cylinder, .45 Colt cylinder, and 9 MM. Choose silicon carbide (SC) abrasive in 400 or 800 grit.

Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools for the slides on semi-automatic pistols are also available in SC abrasive with 400 or 800 grit. OAL varies, and is either 4” or 8”. Choose BRM gun tools for the following handgun parts: 1911 Main Spring Housing (4" OAL); 1911 Slug Lug Area (8" OAL); and Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and Sig Sauer semi-auto internal slides (8" OAL )

About Brush Research Manufacturing

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of flexible honing tools and industrial brushes, is located in Los Angeles, California. For 55 years, BRM has been solving difficult finishing problems with brushing technology. BRM’s Flex-Hone® tool is the standard against which all other surface finishing solutions are compared.

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