Five Ways to Get Healthy and Beautiful in 2014

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Beauty & Health Coach, Laura Scredon, Says Living Healthy Will Improve Skin, Hair, and Overall Beauty

It is officially 2014, and now is the time to make healthy changes that can have an impact on your beauty, energy levels, and physical well being. Laura Scredon, owner of Beauty and Health Coach, says that most people can get healthy and improve how they look by developing a few simple habits.

"The New Year is a time when many people making commitments to lose weight and improve their health and physical appearance," Scredon says. "Many people try a fad diet and often give up after just a few weeks. Instead of looking for a quick fix, resolve to create permanent change over the coming year by gradually creating new habits. Achieve long-term health by following a handful of simple guidelines."

Here are five tips Scredon recommends for anyone looking to take charge of their health and beauty in 2014:

1. Hydrate {Cut down on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol in beverages} - Drinking water helps hydrate the body. Every function in our body requires water, while caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body. This doesn't have to be a "cold turkey" move. Just start by drinking one or two tall glasses of water when you first wake up. Also, try order water at meals instead of a caffeinated beverage.

2. Eat Clean {Steer Clear of Processed Foods} - Anything that is a "food product" or comes in a package is something you want to stay away from. Think about your food in terms of where it originated. Did it grow out of the ground? Was it then processed or has it come to you in its original form? Organic and non-GMO fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds are good examples of "clean" foods. Also, if you choose to eat animal products, look for "grass fed" beef, "wild caught" fish, and "free range" eggs.

3. Meal Plan {Make a grocery list} - Create a meal plan for each day of the week. Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and two snacks are a good place to start for each day of the week. Create a grocery list of what you will need for all of these meals. Head out to the grocery to purchase your items, and stick to your list.

4. Cook your meals yourself {Prep your food when possible} - When you eat out at a restaurant it is very difficult to know what is in your food. Meal planning and grocery shopping will set you up to implement this key step. Prepping your food ahead of time can also help save time. One of my favorite sayings I teach clients is, "cook once, eat twice." Make more than one portion for dinner, and pack up half for your lunch the next day. You'll saved time and money, and you'll enjoy the food you're eating.

5. “Crowd out” with fruits and vegetables {Cut down on sugar intake} - A term I love to use with the clients I coach is "crowding out". This term simply means to gradually add in healthy foods to your diet. As a result, you will crowd out an unhealthy food you would have normally eaten. You don't have to switch to an all organic, clean, vegan, raw food diet overnight (if that is your end goal). You can gradually get there by incorporating healthy, delicious foods with the foods your normally love to eat. Over time your body will crave the healthier, fresher food. It is what our bodies were designed to eat. Read labels, and stick to whole foods whenever possible.

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