Better Posture Website Launched to Provide Advice for the Deskbound

Share Article was recently launched to educate and provide assistance to those suffering from posture-related ailments.

Better Posture

The recently launched Better Posture website has been created to provide useful and actionable advice to anyone who feels their posture is letting them down and wants to do something about it. The site features practical advice and tips for those who have suffered from this condition, as well as guidance from leading experts in the field. Posture correction lessons, product reviews and case studies are all included on the website in order to provide as much assistance as possible to those seeking a way to correct their stance.

“Thanks to so many of us being deskbound in this day and age, the number of people with posture-related ailments seems to be rising daily. In the past it was just those who were reaching the later years of life, but due to the increase in sedentary lifestyles, posture complainants are coming to us at younger and younger ages,” the creator of the website stated.

The website started life as an idea that had been brewing sometime accord to its creator. “After a few years in a desk job where I was sitting down in front of a computer for over eight hours a day, then driving home and then sitting some more, I was really starting to feel the effect of this unnatural position I was spending most of my time in,” he explained. “Then one day I’d had enough and began doing some research into bad posture and the problems that it can cause. It was pretty scary stuff, so I started buying up all the latest gadgets and aids that could help me reverse the damage I had done,” he went on to say.

After investing in many books and courses, as well as a number of posture correction devices, the founder of the website decided to review each of them on a website and thus, the new project was born. The site now centers on his favorite device, the PostureNow Posture Brace. With the website featuring in-depth analysis and a detailed review of this posture concretion apparatus. The device itself has been designed to give you a gentle reminder when your posture is less than optimal. “I tried a number of different back straps and corsets but they all were too restrictive and not practical for everyday use,” the reviewer opined. “The PostureNow Posture Brace however, was something completely different and most importantly it was a contraption I could wear all day without any restriction in movement,” he continued.

The Better Posture website covers this popular posture brace extensively and includes guides on how to wear it, video reviews of the product and testimonies from other happy customers. However, even if you are not in the market for a back brace, the website also features guides to follow, in the form of videos, to help you work on your posture in the comfort of your own home. The site also contains information on the purpose of and benefits associated with posture correction devices.

Future plans for the new website remain unclear, although the creator of does have some ideas in development. “We’d love to get more profiles of everyday readers onto the site who can share their stories, and how they acquired their bad posture habits, along with what they are doing to try and rectify this issue, or even better those who have taken steps to successfully eliminate the problem of bad posture,” the site’s creator shared. “As for increasing the usefulness of the site, I’m in talks with some healthcare professionals who work with poor posture sufferers day in, day out, with the view of enticing them to contribute to the site,” he added.

With many other websites online that are giving out tips on how to improve your posture, as well as combating the condition known as desk fatigue, the Better Posture website will have its work cut out to make a name for itself in this crowded market. However the content on the website so far covers many different topics, products and approaches and includes a good selection of videos and images to illustrate the guidance that is proffered to its readership. With more and more people complaining of posture-related discomfort, it seems that the demand for such advice will continue to grow.

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