Dental Bridge Breakthrough Restores Natural Smiles

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TM Prosthodontics, a Miami prosthodontic office, announces a new and improved way to replace teeth lost through disease or trauma.


Teeth are crucial to the health of the human mouth and gums—in fact, missing teeth can cause the jawbones to erode, making the mouth sag and giving an older appearance to the face. Fortunately, in recent years, dentists and orthodontists have come up with a solution to the problem of missing teeth without having to resort to dentures.

A dental bridge, which replaces missing teeth, helps attach synthetic teeth to nearby natural teeth (which doctors call “abutment teeth). Dental bridges are either permanent, where they’re called “fixed bridges,” or they are made to be removable. The artificial teeth can either be bonded directly to the abutment teeth, or attached by placing crowns on the natural teeth. The removable types are put in place by metal clasps or by precision tools.

TM Prosthodontics, a Miami dentist office, announces new and improved way to attach artificial teeth. There are several dentists in Miami, FL that provide this service, but Dr. Tal Morr is widely regarded as one of the best.

Attaching a dental bridge usually takes around three appointments to the dentist. At the first, TM’s Dr. Morr prepares the teeth around the gap by filing down some of the enamel and dentin. Once those teeth are ready, the office replicates the restorative artificial tooth for replacement.

On the second appointment, molds of the patient’s bite are taken in order to ensure that the artificial teeth will fit perfectly, and are sent to a lab for measuring and final fabrication of the synthetic teeth.

On the final appointment, the bridges are attached to the natural teeth next to the space left by the missing tooth, and the artificial tooth is affixed to the bridge.

At TM Prosthodontics, Dr. Tal Morr does a complete examination of patients’ mouths to make sure that bridges are truly necessary and possible. If he finds that a patient is a good candidate for the procedure, he can start the process immediately, and have it done within a few weeks at most.

While the benefits of replacing lost teeth greatly outweigh the disadvantages, getting replacements does mean that the artificial teeth are generally less strong and resilient than real teeth. Full-mouth dental implants might also be recommended for severely damaged teeth or for people who have lost many teeth.

About TM Prosthodontics – TM office provides a range of services from teeth veneers to inlays & onlays, teeth bonding, dental bridges, crowns, per-prosthetic surgery, gum surgery, alloderm grafting, dental implants, dentures, bleaching, and more.

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