No More Passwords - Tap a Tune Instead

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AuthenWare has integrated its new Tune Tapping technology with Google Apps so now a user can access their Google account without typing a User ID or Password.

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In today’s world, security is based on unnatural demands such as remembering complicated passwords, so we have developed a security solution that is based on music and natural rhythm, Tap a Tune, it’s easy - Felix Racca, CEO

AuthenWare®, the leading vendor of Behavioral Biometrics uses its innovative biometric authentication and real-time fraud detection software to eliminate typing User IDs and Passwords, enabling users to simply tap a few notes of a favorite tune instead.

TAP A TUNE. This amazing Tune Tapping technology can replace passwords and allow a user to login to their Google account as well as other accounts with just a few TAPS of a button. This new TAP technology breaks the paradigm in the world of online security.

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  •     Eliminates Passwords.
  •     Works on all devices with a tapping button!
  •     This natural out-of-channel verification, using TAP on a mobile device, is a simple and

        effective way to avert Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) and Man-in-the-Browser (MITB) attacks.

  •     Rhythm is one of the most primal activities of mankind and as a result a Tune is very easy

        to remember.

“The words to a holiday song bubble up to the surface of the brain, even decades since last hearing the tune. Yet recalling a bank-account password can put the mind in a twist. Neuroscientists have long debated the brain mechanisms related to memory, but they agree on one thing: Information set to music is among the easiest to remember.”

  •     Heidi Mitchell, Wall Street Journal, Dec 13, 2013.

AuthenWare has leveraged the powerful effect of music and its rhythm as the means to identify an individual through the uniqueness of his tapping rhythm and cadence.    

"In today’s world, security is based on unnatural demands such as remembering complicated passwords, so we have developed a security solution that is based on music and natural rhythm, Tap a Tune, it’s easy”, said Felix Racca, CEO of AuthenWare. “Tune Tapping allows the user to have one single piece of a tune that they can use to authenticate themselves to access applications, authorize online transactions as well as authorize withdrawals from ATMs.” The result is Users adopt online security because it is easier, fun and more convenient.

AuthenWare is based on behavioral biometrics. It is as accurate as physical biometrics but cannot be mocked or stolen. It’s simple, easy-to-use and adheres to privacy and government regulations.

TUNE TAPPING uniquely identifies and authenticates valid users by measuring the distinct beat of an individual's personal tapping rhythm.

Why is TUNE TAPPING ultra secure?

  •     Tunes can only be tapped from trusted devices.
  •     A hacker would need to know your tune.
  •     A hacker would need to know which portion of your tune to tap.
  •     A hacker would need to tap your tune in your unique biometric tapping rhythm.

“At AuthenWare,” Mr. Racca said, “we believe in security for people, not people for security.”

About AuthenWare
AuthenWare Corporation is a leading cyber security software provider focused on fighting online identity theft. AuthenWare’s fraud prevention software verifies a person’s online identity using behavioral biometrics. It is easy, secure and natural authentication that is designed to detect fraud immediately thereby dramatically reducing fraud losses. AuthenWare can replace passwords and tokens or can be used as an additional layer of security. AuthenWare identifies the User not just the Device.

AuthenWare is headquartered in Miami, FL. For more information, visit

AuthenWare is a registered trademark of AuthenWare Corporation. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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