Five Ways To Secure Search Engine Real Estate

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Search engines have become far more than the standard list of ten results. Today’s lawyers have an array of options at their disposal to secure the most real estate possible on a results page, and the experts at Legal Marketing Advantage are offering tips on increasing this visibility.

Even without clicking on the Images or News tabs or selecting any other options, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different’s in your best interest to be found on as many of those spaces as possible.

Search Engine Optimization is a blanket term given to any technique used to get a given business or entity as high up in the search results as possible. This can be done through a number of strategies, including content marketing, link building, social media, and more.

People must realize, though, that there is more than one set of search results for a given query. Every time a user enters a search term, he or she is introduced to multiple listings, each covering a different aspect of the search experience.

Javier Corona, SEO expert and CEO of Legal Marketing Advantage, has put together a simple process that an attorney could try out to see this firsthand.

“Search results are more multi-faceted than they’ve ever been,” said Mr. Corona from Los Angeles. “Do yourself a favor: go to Google and simply type ‘personal injury lawyer’ into the search bar. Even without clicking on the Images or News tabs or selecting any other options, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different results the moment you hit return. As a law firm, it’s in your best interest to be found on as many of those spaces as possible.”

Legal Marketing Advantage has been helping law firms secure valuable search real estate of various types for years, and they are offering tips to attorneys hoping to get seen on every section of the search results.

1. Become An Ad-dict- The first results one usually sees are ads. Those ads appear because lawyers have paid Google to get their listing featured at the top of the search results. This is known as a Pay Per Click, or PPC, ad.

Every personal injury lawyer wants to be featured as a listing for the phrase “personal injury lawyer,” but for many lawyers, it might be easier (and far cheaper) to branch out into other search terms. For a fraction of the cost of a standard television marketing campaign, a law firm might buy the top ad for a phrase like: “do I qualify for a lawsuit?” Phrases like these are far less competitive yet still offer a great Return on Investment.

2. Become An Ad-Dict Part 2- It’s not just the top of search results that contains ads. A law firm can save money by paying to have its listing featured on the righthand side of a search results page, although this will not gain as much traffic.

3. You Have Free Range to Go Organic- Law firms want to be at the top of the non-paid, organic search results that comprise most listings. However, this can be a fairly tough nut to crack.

Numerous Google updates have made it so that there are no shortcuts to the top. A law firm seeking organic search dominance must go through the hard work of creating fantastic content, sharing that content on all manner of social media, crafting an intuitive web experience, and more.

4. Map Of The Stars- A blanket term like “personal injury lawyer” will likely prompt a map displaying a series of attorneys in the geographic vicinity. These results are intrinsically linked to two things: Local Search and Google Plus.

The top few results from that map will appear in a special section contained within the organic search results, and law firms that reach that portion of the page are in good shape. To do so, make sure to take out business pages on various local directories like Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, and even some sites that don’t start with a Y. Also get on Google Plus: one thing you’ll notice about most if not all of the top results in the Local Listings section is that they include a link to a Google Plus page. That isn’t a coincidence.

5. Harness The Competition- With recent Google updates, the organic search results have tended to favor law firm directories like, Avvo, and others. That makes a site like Google more of a middleman, and it forces a law firm to compete with those directories for organic space.

Make sure that your law firm is in good standing on the aforementioned sites and that all information is correct. That way, the firm still maintains the power to convert clients even when those users don’t click on the practice’s own organic listing.

Legal Marketing Advantage, one of the fastest growing internet marketing tech companies in North America, offers a diverse array of search marketing solutions to satisfy the needs and budgets of law firms across the country. Utilizing state of the art technology and innovative strategy, the company helps attorneys and law firms grow their business and reach their full potential. LMA develops customized internet marketing solutions that empower legal professionals with a simple and affordable way to attract qualified prospects who can then become clients. Visit LMA for more information.

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