Bible Scholars Now Predict the End of This World for May 30, 2015 and Predict Twin Nuclear Terrorist Attacks on Manhattan and on London for January 22 - February 2, 2014

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Lords Witness Bible research shows that one half of mankind will be saved from the coming extinction level lava flood into the Kingdom of God and the other half will go into moral rehab in the sin bin of Hell.

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True Christianity is just sustainable morality

"What is sustainable morality? What is the minimum set of laws that a society of free willed being must obey in order to avoid wiping themselves out?" - The Lord's Witnesses President, Gordon Ritchie asks.

"Well, whatever it is - we have not yet learned it," he responds. "Suppose you are God and you have created mankind. How are you going to teach them all to obey a set of rules that gives them a future?" He answers as follows...

"True Christianity is nothing more than sustainable morality. It is the minimum set of rules that prevents a society of free willed beings from destroying itself. But given that we are all free willed, God cannot force us to accept these rules. So he permits us to get to the brink of extinction and then he removes the one half of us who accept this morality and leaves the other half who reject it to wipe themselves out. Then, being God, he resurrects those who have wiped themselves out, shows them the video of their self annihilation, and asks them the question: Do you yet see where you went wrong here boys? If you do then I will give you a second chance - but do not screw it up this time please!"

The Lords' Witnesses assert that it is the great art of God to teach mankind right from wrong, whilst himself doing no wrong. They have deduced that he does this by permitting the less receptive to do whatever wrong they wish to do, whilst teaching the more receptive the morality they need for a sustainable future. In this way the receptive actually learn bad from the unreceptive and hopefully the unreceptive learn some good from the receptive as well.

But contrary to the teaching of most Christian churches today, the Lords Witnesses church would explain God's mercy as follows, says their president, Gordon Ritchie: "The plan is not to condemn and destroy the unreceptive. Rather, it is to use their sin to teach and thereby save the receptive until such time as the unreceptive are ready to become receptive and to learn and to be saved themselves. The timing and selection of the receptive and the rehabilitative force deployed in each case is where the finesse and experience of God comes in. Indeed this church teaches that God will not lose a single one of us, because love never fails according to Saint Paul. And a loss of a son is a failure in the love of his father. That is a failure that is not going to happen in the case of God or of Jesus Christ - both of whom have unbreakable sustainable morality - which defines divinity and have undying love for us all. It is a lovely message. But not so lovely a route to get there!"

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