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It looks like in 2014 your little bride-and-groom figurines are going to need a swing. Thanks to The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuocco's chandelier cake, the classic wedding cake has been turned on its head. The chandelier cake reverses the traditional order and places the largest layer of cake on top, graduating to the smallest on the bottom and can actually be suspended from above.

“The chandelier or upside-down cake is the hot trend right now,” says Jana Ronan of Cake Stackers Cake Supports ( “The frames for these cakes are just flying off the shelves!”

But how is this gravity defying cake created? First of all, in order to support what may be the most significant confection you will ever buy, you will need a high-quality framework. It is important not to skimp on this. Good cake supports such as Cake Stackers patented system are made of food-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel. They are sturdy, safe, and re-useable. “A good cake support system will even allow you to stack heavy confections, light angelfood or soft cakes such as cheesecakes,” claims Ronan. It is also very important to find a bakery that is up on all the new techniques and equipment so that there are no mistakes on this most important of days. The last thing you want is a Tower of Pisa cake, or worse yet, a wedding cake that spectacularly collapses upon itself en route to the reception or during the event itself.

And what would a chandelier cake be without crystals? Jana Ronan says that “some cake decorators suspend edible crystals made of sugar from the cake layers to make it resemble an actual chandelier.” Some decorate with real crystals, but just be sure you know if the crystals are the edible before you take a bite.

All that glitters on wedding cakes this year may actually be gold. According to, “a tiered wedding cake with metallic details is equal parts modern and glamorous.” What are “metallic details”? Hello Magazine reports that cakes highlighted with “silver and gold leaf are going to be huge this year.” Will you be able to eat it? Of course you can. It's edible gilt, like the gold flecks floating in Goldschläger schnapps.

What other fashions in wedding cakes will be the rage in 2014? Angela Cliffe, proprietor of the British company Authenticake, says, “We're seeing a lot of tall cakes with sleek, clean-cut lines now. Having a big, statement flower on the top is very popular. Brides love the roses, the peonies and the hydrangea.”

Cake decorators are taking inspiration from the bride’s dress, making molds of the lace so that it can be replicated in frosting, as well as applying edible sequins and ribbon to match the dress. Also popular are textural and hand-painted cakes.

And the hot color this year? “Pink is back!” according to Rachel Griffiths in an article for the Huffington Post Bridal Guide. But it’s not just any pink. Tara Guerard, the event designer for Soiree of Charleston and New York says, “It’s the nudes, the blushes, the peaches--not Pepto Bismol pink!”

“Who says the outside of your wedding cake should have all the fun?” asks which recommends venturing “off the beaten path with a 'non-cakey' cake.” Listen to how one cake pictured on that site is described: “This tall-tiered treat is made with whisper-thin crepes and can be layered with mouthwatering fillings like chestnut, espresso, chocolate, or vanilla cream.” Yum!

Another trend is to opt out of the traditional wedding cake in favor of bite-sized cupcakes. “They can be elevated and displayed on a tiered tray,” suggests Ronan of Cake Stackers. “Cupcakes are a very popular and economic alternative.”

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