Discovery of Radio Proves Physical Existence of Invisible Dimensions

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swissenschaft, Switzerland's independent innovation outlet, publishes a descriptive yet comprehensive treatment of Tesla's experiment in his patent "Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the Natural Mediums," claiming wireless energy transmission occurs through physically real invisible domains.

This publication of swissenschaft proposes a different experimental proof of invisible dimensions in a manner incomparably more cost-effective, practicable and efficient as compared to billion-dollar investments in particle accelerators.

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Taking Tesla's findings and claims as a legitimate experimental basis for the concept of wireless transmission of energy, swissenschaft recognizes the effect as a wave which cannot be shielded against or interfered with, and to which distances present no obstacle. Finally accepting the authority of Tesla as a giant of invention, with an immense portfolio of coil, transformer, radio, turbine, and alternating current patents, ushering in the electric age and overshadowing most of technological discovery since, the publication sources directly from the patent, and makes a fundamental statement on Tesla's discovery.

The unavoidable implication following directly from Tesla's claim of superluminal speeds of his wave is the physical existence of a 3-dimensional domain, tightly coupled and intertwined with our visible reality, yet beyond our senses. The two adjacent worlds, everywhere mutually perpendicular, are already anticipated in the conception of the imaginary unit, a complex number, and a quaternion, however never accepted as describing physical reality. This work dispenses with a disastrous treatment of imaginary quantities as virtual and physically non-existent. Through a purely geometric approach, we arrive at a series of exclusively 3-dimensional worlds, all with proportional lengths of ratio Pi/2 in a Euclidean sense.

An important distinction of this achievement to other works in this area is a notable exclusion of other cluttering aspects put forth by many regarding Tesla's discoveries. There is no mention of free energy, overunity, amplification, theory of everything, signals from space, time travel, weapons of global destruction, mind alteration, age reversal, UFOs, aliens, and a myriad of other sensationalist topics. This research follows a very specific and limited objective of explaining Tesla's claims in his patent, and documenting the implications.

swissenschaft provides not a theory but a claim on reality. It requires no experimental proof, as Tesla has already provided it. It invites science to its replication, understanding, and pursuit of further development. The zero radius does not describe a point in infinity, nor a singularity which reduces the universe to an infinitesimal size. On the contrary: it provides for more space - to begin with, our twin universe.

Tesla, a powerhouse of an inventor, a humanist, a true citizen of the world, was ignored for an entire century. His groundbreaking experiment and insight at Colorado Springs was never even attempted to be replicated by modern science, at least not publicly, and definitely nowhere near the original scale. This publication of swissenschaft proclaims an explanation of Tesla wave effects, and proposes a different experimental proof of invisible dimensions, calling science to change direction and pursue his technology, in a manner incomparably more cost-effective, practicable and efficient as compared to billion-dollar investments in particle accelerators.

The descriptive analysis, implications and a formal treatment are available on Amazon (, Kindle (, and at

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